Heart of Your Business

If there was one thing you could do to transform your business - would you do it? 

Small businesses are created from passion, an exceptional skill and sometimes necessity.  These drive the business forwards but on its own, it is not enough. 

There is one thing that absolutely must drive your business and without it, frustration and slow growth are inevitable.

What should really be at the heart of your business?

New Website Guide and Checklist

If you are about to embark on commissioning a new website, you can avoid some costly mistakes by getting prepared.  

Your website is one of your biggest business assets. Even for a non-e-commerce business, it is a key selling tool. In fact it should be the busiest worker in your team helping your business to grow and reach new customers.

Most businesses will need someone who specialises in web design to do the work for them. And doing it this way is a sound investment - doing it yourself takes time and a lot of patience, not to mention a sound understanding of a lot of technical aspects of design, build and optimisation. 

But it is a huge investment for most small businesses. Avoid costly mistakes by following these top tips.

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