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It is a widely used marketing tactic but is it one we would tolerate in our personal relationships?

Recently, out of curiosity, I signed up for an online event featuring a host of expert presentations sharing marketing insights. And I didn’t manage to catch a single one of the presentations.

Not one.

It was catch it live or don’t catch it at all. I clicked on expired link after expired link trying to catch what I could. 

A similar approach to webinars is often used where no replay is offered or is offered for a very limited period of time.

The theory behind this approach is to use FOMO (fear of missing out) to drive people to engage and ultimately buy.

If there is a genuine reason for a short turn around, then is it really necessary to cloak this with countdown timers and high pressure?

Why is it necessary to make us feel that if we don’t act now, we will pay a heavy price for our decision?

Or to go even further, to shame people by inferring or bluntly stating that people are not really committed to their own growth because they are not prepared to do what it takes to show up live.

Instilling shame and preying upon a primal response of fear is not much of a recipe for establishing a good relationship.

If we did this in a personal relationship we would be called out with any number of labels for unacceptable behaviour. It is manipulation however you choose to frame it and if we have healthy self-respect and boundaries, we don't tolerate it. At all. 

So why is it acceptable in business?

In business not only do we expect to be praised for it, we expect to be paid for it.

The argument is that we need prodding and poking hard to move out of our slumber and apathy. This is the human condition, we don’t act unless we feel the surge of adrenaline that pitches us into fight or flight.

But social consciousness is shifting. This approach that feeds of primal responses is trapping people in patterns of behaviour that are out of step with the new consciousness.

The more aware we become as a society, the harsher the contrast will become. Societal changes begin in small ways and gather momentum, so it is down to individual entrepreneurs and business leaders to find new ways through these challenges.

As I am more and more explicit about the choices I make in my own business, I understand that my long-running decision to avoid time limits stems from a desire to shift our perception of the tools and tactics we are so widely exposed to. So widely, so pervasively that we often do not even see them. 

And this is why, if you sign up for one of my workshops you receive a non-expiring replay link and (more often than not) an invitation to contact me with questions. In most cases, I am making a time-limited offer at the end but I don’t want that to be the reason to pressure anyone into action. 

My ethos is to take high pressure out of the equation and create a new paradigm that supports a new consciousness. Giving the countdown timer the boot is just one more way that I am making that happen in my business.

I believe in the value of what I share and it doesn’t come with an automatic expiry date.

2020 is my “marketing free” year – an interesting journey for a marketer! Throughout this year I will be exploring how the current paradigm of marketing is out of step with our emerging consciousness and how we can create positive constructive social change through adapting our approach to sharing and selling. Feel free to follow my explorations and declarations here and on social media.

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