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Recalibrating the Core Energy

How much of your business is really yours?

You may own it, you may control it. But is it really yours?

Energetically speaking, it’s not.

You cannot move, breathe or look anywhere in our information overwhelmed society without becoming very aware of what society considers to be acceptable or normal. This noise is constant.

We all absorb it deep into our subconscious where it plays havoc with the wellbeing and success of our businesses, our own wellbeing and forward momentum.

We think we have all sorts of issues, blocks and learning needs that are holding us in place, when really we only have one issue – the influence of energy that is not ours.

It is distorting your business energy and stopping it growing.

For example, maybe you are:

Feeling totally frustrated that your business doesn’t feel right. You can’t put your finger on it, so you are constantly going back to the drawing board to reinvent your business.

Clinging to beliefs that your business needs to hit specific goals to be successful – maybe 10k months or 10k followers or having a high converting funnel or an Amazon best seller – the list goes on. These markers are your validation for the energy you have invested in your business but they feel hollow.

Procrastinating like a trooper – you aren’t ready, they aren’t ready, it isn’t ready. I’m not sure who, what or how. I don’t know what my message is. I’m still not clear on my niche. I can’t prove my work, I don’t have the credibility or track record. You will display huge amounts of creativity in holding back.

There are many other ways this core issue can show up. The bottom line is that external energy distorts the frequency of your business. It masks its purpose (hence lack of clarity), changes how you show up and how your business is received (leading to inconsistent client attraction). This energy also draws in the “wrong” clients (ones who get results but it is never quite what you had in mind) and impacts your relationships.

In short, a business built on subconscious beliefs is a shadow of its potential presence. And your success is a fraction of what is possible.

The frequency of your business is unique and needs you to listen and act to this without reference to external expectations.

The real power of any business is in its core energy and staying true to it on every level. Learning from others is immensely valuable but absorbing and becoming that energy stops business growth in its tracks. Replicating someone else’s energy, replicating what society considers to be acceptable and living within this energy will never see you realise your soul purpose.

If this thinking is everywhere and liberally sprinkled through your subconscious, how do you get to the other side where you have total freedom to create on your own terms?

Good question.

There are 3 stages.

Stage 1

Identify the beliefs and actions that are part of the programming and which parts of your business they have been impacting.

Stage 2

Energetically and practically clear your business by removing the beliefs, actions, systems, structures and services that are running counter to your business’s natural energy flow.

Stage 3

Recalibrate by coming into resonance with the energy of your business and using this to rethink, reimagine and redesign your business in its true energetic expression.

If you are open to this process, it can happen in a flash. The impacts will be far reaching. You will feel better, your business will flow, you will attract the right clients, you will have a stronger presence and more clarity on your purpose, message and focus. And decision making will become easier including the most important decision where you go all in to create a world transforming legacy.

The only question is, are you open to it?

If you are ready to recalibrate your business, contact me to discuss your next step.

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