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How to Spot your Creative Resistance at work

In this coming year, and decade, we are all going to need to embrace and accept our creativity more than ever.

In life and business, reconnecting to our power to create from within, to bring to life our unique expression, will prove to be not only valuable but essential.

Humans are extraordinarily creative but we have also lost connection to our creative powers at a collective level. An array of social beliefs has swept over us declaring that only the special are creative and that productivity not creativity is what matters.

Yet everyone is creative and creativity is how we grow individually and collectively. In the face of the challenges facing our world, reconnecting to our unique individual creativity could not be more important.

Rising to this challenge of accepting our innate creativity will require many changes and will take time. That said it is also a wonderful opportunity to accept our inherent creativity in a new light and to lead with purpose.

In the world of business, free-flowing creativity is absolutely critical to generate the conditions for sustainable growth.

Each business has a unique response to what is needed in the world and real change happens when this is given freedom of expression. How your business is designed, how your services are envisioned and brought to life, the message you share – these are all creativity in action.

This creative expression is precisely what makes your business stand out to those who are looking for you.

The social beliefs that we have accepted broadly as part of our collective subconscious routinely come into play in this process. They interfere with creative expression and action keeping businesses bland and unimpactful. The wave of blueprints and 10 step formulaic programmes was spurred on by the denial of creativity. It is time for businesses everywhere to break out of the mould and bring their individuality to life.
Inevitably, embracing creative expression will catalyse resistance that will hold your business back unless you recognise when it is at play and take action to side step it.

Creativity is given expression through elemental energies. These are the forebears of personality archetypes and also the energy in which unique expression is brought to the world. They define our creative energies on every level. Beyond our interaction through our five senses that perceive the form of a creative act, there is also our intuitive relationship with the elemental energies that brings its dynamic qualities into play.

We naturally work with all the elements in all our creative activities, we just aren't always aware that this is what is happening which can lead to imbalance and diminished impact of your expression.

Moving into a conscious partnership with them opens up a wholeness of expression that is desperately needed right now.
The elemental energies can support you to free your creative expression and give you the chance to begin or strengthen your relationship with them. When you can recognise the qualities of each element expressing itself through you, you can also identify where you are resisting your own creativity.


Earth energy is opportunistic and assured in its responses. It sees an opening and goes for it, naturally understanding the right response to the situation to create balance. This is often the moment of blinding clarity when inspiration has struck and your path forward could not be more obvious.

When your earth energy is out of balance in your creative expression the chances are you will hear dismissive thoughts such as "Who would want this?", "why would anyone need this?", "I don't have the expertise/skills/credibility for this". Resistance takes the form of saying that you are way off the mark and doubting your connection to your intuition. Resistance is the evaporation of the clarity and the loss of confidence that you are on the right path.


Air energy has a sensation of freedom of movement and possibility. It is unbounded and fluid. It does not see any limits, rules or constraints only the potential to create what has never been created before.

When air energy is out of balance, we get the opposite. A feeling of constraint and pressure emerges and statements like "it's been done before", "no one would believe this", "it's always been done that way, there's no room for this way" and "it's not possible" are going to make themselves known. Resistance takes the form of doubting your creative spirit.


Fire energy is conviction. It is certainty. It is knowing your purpose and being present with absolute confidence. It is the freedom to speak what must be spoken. It is accepting your power to create and to catalyse change. It is often the energy required in early stage innovation or disruptive leadership.

When fire energy is out of balance, you will feel a degree of helplessness and powerlessness. You will feel that someone else is better placed to do this work or that you have missed the boat or that now is not your time. You will question that anyone would care and feel that no one will listen. You will feel insignificant enough to hesitate and hold back.


Water energy is the deep acceptance of yourself as perfect. Imperfectly perfect maybe but still perfect. It is acknowledging that you are up to the task at hand, that you are worthy of being the one to create this, that you are worthy of sharing it with the world and claiming your role as creator.

When water energy is out of balance you will be questioning if you are enough. Are you good enough, worthy enough, strong enough? Do you really have it within you? You will withhold your energy from the world because you do not value it yourself. You don't value your place in the world or your contribution to it.

Imbalanced water energy is tough on our self-esteem and courage to show up.


Any creative endeavour will highlight one or more of these resistances. Moving back into creative flow is a process of rebalancing individual elemental energies and the overall balance of elemental energies.

Rebalancing does not mean the equal presence of all the elemental energies all the time. Balance is dynamic. Sometimes you will need more of one than the others. The key to breaking through the resistance is to identify which resistance is presenting the biggest block to forward movement.

Normally this is the loudest of the quiet voices playing in the background.

Visualisation is a powerful tool in invoking the creative elemental energies. Seeing yourself embodying the positive creative qualities is a challenge to the resistance in itself.

Making a list of reasons why the promptings of that little voice are untrue will also help you shift the resistance.

However, the most powerful tool I have found is directly connecting with the elemental energies and receiving the support and insight they offer. This has become an essential experience for my clients and creates the foundations of my Business Energetics approach. The relationships that are built with the elements offer a unique way of approaching business and, critically, opening up creative expression.

There are qualities and sensations that come from the experience that are not accessible intellectually. Using our bodies to sense and discern appropriate responses and next moves is a profoundly liberating experience. Any illusion of the need to conform to expectation drops away and clients are able to see their business potential with a new level of clarity.

Business has a profound role to play in shaping our future. Creative expression will help us navigate the challenging times ahead of us all. We can choose to ignore the nudges that come from within or we can choose to embrace them.

The choice we each make will inevitably have far-reaching consequences for us all.


To discover how the elemental energies can help you create a thriving business, book a call to explore your options. 

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