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Healing Trauma with your Business

Every entrepreneur knows, through experience, how much their business has transformed them.

It pushes every button you have and those you had no idea existed.

It challenges every fear you are aware of and many more that surprise you.

Reduce the Volume Increase the Impact

There are no absolutes in truth. There is only perception.

Society is overwhelmed with notions of absolute truth that permeate every thought and decision.

As conscious entrepreneurs, healers and creators we have a big responsibility to get clear on our contribution to the collective unconscious.

Do You Trust Your Business

Do you trust your business?

Does it make you feel safe?

Do you trust it to look after you?
To empower you to express yourself?
To be understood?
To respect you?

The Keys to Thriving in Turbulent Times

As we come to the end of the energetic year you may well be feeling the incredibly intense energies in every area of your life.

On a business front, you may find yourself questioning and challenging everything.

You may even be doing this immediately after you had just worked through a load of stuff and come to firm decisions.

Energetic Themees for Business 2022

To know where we are going, it helps to know where we have come from. As we draw to the end of 2021, it’s a time to reflect on what the year has brought us.

For me, the word that defines this year is “change”.

It’s been a year of review, revisiting, shifting and adapting. And that work is not done yet. But what we have experienced has been essential preparation for a very different energy in 2022.

2021 is a 5 year. 5 is the number of change.

2022 is a 6 year, a number associated with balance.

How are we going to transition from chaos to balance?

Intuitive Creativity

You will not destroy your business following your creative instincts. You will save it.

Too many people are relying on business advice to grow their businesses when that advice is actually crippling it.

It simply isn't tuned in to what is really needed or appropriate to the business in question.

Energetic Themes for Business October to December 2021

The changing energies bring fresh challenges and opportunities for businesses of every shape and size.

Creating Space Working with the Rhythms of Nature in Business

Business never rests. It is a 24/7 affair of money generation and incremental market share gain.

If your business cannot rest, then you cannot rest either.

But that is not how humans or nature work.

Why we expect our businesses to defy the laws of nature is a bit of a mystery. We can seek to automate it all we want, but that will not change the fact that all nature (and business is nature) must follow the natural cycle.

Shifting Chakras

What is a heart-based business?

It's a phrase in relatively common use but beyond the label is a message for all of us about the roles of our businesses for the future.

As I have been leaning into deeper work with the business energy body, it has become clear that it is about a different energy of consciousness being in play and this is reflected within the business chakras.

Integrating Change

Shifts can happen in a moment, but deep change happens over time.

We’ve all had those moments of deep clarity and big shifts that feel amazing.

But this is not the change. That comes off the back of those moments cannot be rushed.

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