Riotous Earth

Our most potent connection to our innate power as humans and beyond is the extraordinary energy of earth.

Our connection to earth, physically and energetically, has been steadily eroded over time and this has picked up pace in recent history.

This erosion of our innate understanding of the beating heart of our physical and spiritual existence has left us collectively poor and a shadow of what we could be.

But the tide has turned.


The accepted standard business process goes along the following line:

Spot a gap in the market
Research the market
Produce what the market wants

The linearity of the process is such that strict rules are created around what does and does not work.

Surrendering Control

 I have to confess I am a control freak.

I like to be able to apply myself to how things should be and how to make them happen.

I like to plan. I like to be prepared.

I want to know what is happening and when, so I can be ready to respond.

It has come as something of a shock to fully realise that the path I have found myself on requires me to let go of any notion of control.

Illuminating the Shadow of Consistency

During the massive disruption of lockdown, I have found an old niggling belief resurfacing.

Consistency is a much-touted word in the entrepreneurial world.

The expectations to show up regularly, routinely, without fail are written on just about every wall out there.

I don’t hold with this view. To me, energetic consistency (holding the energy of your business) is way more powerful than showing up to do a live video every Tuesday at 11.30 am.

Creating the New

I was asked recently “is it really possible to create new?”

I absolutely believe it is possible.

Challenging certainly.

But it is a path open to all of us.

Energetic Drain

You need a lead generating opt in,

Apparently all online businesses are required to have one or so I have heard.


There are many businesses that will really struggle with creating opt ins. In the main, these businesses are powered by the elemental energy of Air.

Sphere of Influence

Creating a sphere of influence is an age-old concept and one that is central to marketing intentions.

There are plenty of actions that go hand in hand with expanding a sphere of influence such as positioning, PR, lobbying, networking, advertising, writing, speaking…

In fact it can seem positively frenetic with activity.

Yet energetically speaking, a sphere of influence is stillness.

False Urgency

Hurry, hurry there’s only 5 hours left until this replay comes down.

You don’t want to miss this revolutionary/ground breaking/life changing content.

You won’t forgive yourself for missing out and if you don’t act now, you never will.

A little later…

This is your last chance. This will never be available at this price again. Can you afford to let yourself down again?

Into the Fire

Water energy re-centres and rebalances. It’s where you find yourself and come face to face with your expanded self.

It’s where you grow into your potential, consolidating the growth that has come before.

But it is, as yet, untested expansion.

This is the energy we have been immersed in collectively. It has been a time of processing and preparation for the next stage of our collective growth.

We are beginning our transition into fire energy.

Recalibrating the Core Energy

How much of your business is really yours?

You may own it, you may control it. But is it really yours?

Energetically speaking, it’s not.

You cannot move, breathe or look anywhere in our information overwhelmed society without becoming very aware of what society considers to be acceptable or normal. This noise is constant.

We all absorb it deep into our subconscious where it plays havoc with the wellbeing and success of our businesses, our own wellbeing and forward momentum.

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