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Lessons from Becoming Marketing Free

Towards the end of 2019, I decided that it was time to cut the cords with mainstream marketing.

These are my reflections on becoming marketing free and the lessons I have learnt. 

Attuned Planning

Whether you love creating plans or choose to give them a wide berth, some degree of planning is valuable for your business.

Personally, I like to plan loosely, following themes and broad ideas rather than specific details. This gives me what I need to follow it rather than feel suffocated by it. 

But then my personal creative energy is defined by air, which likes its freedom. 

2021 Energetic Themes

2021 is bringing in an energy quite different to what we have experienced in 2020.

It will present new possibilities and opportunities for you and your business.


You plus your business is an alchemy that creates a unique form of expression.

Alchemy is only made possible when two energies come together. From the interaction, a third energy is created.

Adrenaline and Transformation

If you work in transformational fields, then you will undoubtedly feel seriously uncomfortable about pain points.


I have very strong opinions about the use of pain points and how they are effectively used to gaslight people into making decisions. This is not a foundation I am prepared to build my business on.

Energy at Work

The notion that business is hard work, and that success is dependent upon it, is written deep into our collective psyche.

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t bought into this narrative in some way, including myself.

It’s not easy to let it go.

The little voice becomes louder the less you do until you feel compelled to take any action to make it stop.

Inevitably that action is not the action that is needed because to hear the action that is needed requires space.

Energetic Invitation

Marketing is a question of choice.

You can choose to invite people into your world.
You can invite yourself into theirs.

The overwhelming majority of marketing strategies and tactics you will have come into contact with or even used are design to invite yourself into someone else’s world - sometimes politely, sometimes by sticking a toe in the door.

Activate Listen Create

Energy needs structure. It is what gives it the ability to move in a focused, intentional way.

There are two types of structure required – energetic and physical.

In order to bring any concept or idea into form, the energetic structure needs to be in place to facilitate the transition into physical.

Dynamic Balance

If you have ever stood on a wobble board you will know that the secret to staying upright is not trying to keep everything level because it is near impossible.

The secret is constantly adjusting your weight and posture to stay in balance.

Your business is like a wobble board, constantly moving and adjusting.

The Energetics of Appropriation

In the coming months, the energy will be supporting experimentation.

When this is the dominant theme it's likely that we will all hear more about appropriation and plagiarism. 

Appropriation and outright plagiarism are more than immensely frustrating, they do real damage to your self-esteem and self-belief.

There are all sorts of practical steps you can take to protect your work of course. But I want to share a perspective on the energetics of appropriation.

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