Headshot 4 smallWhen exactly did marketing become so complex?

All those "must do" edicts, essential strategies, endless jargon and the calls to buy the latest problem busting tech solution.  It wasn't meant to be like this and it shouldn't be like this.

When you set out on this exciting journey, were you anticipating becoming a tech savvy genius with a bottomless budget for shiny new toys?  

I didn't think so.  

You want to be doing what you love and what you are good at.  Not spending countless hours wrapping your head around the things that everyone is telling you that you absolutely must do to "explode" your business.  In reality, the only thing likely to explode is your head.  All you want to do is create a business that supports you and lets you bring your magic to the world.  Why does it have to be so difficult?

And yet despite the rhetoric and jargon, marketing isn't that complicated. 

In 2006, I took a bit of detour in my career moving from marketing into supporting homeless families.  I wasn't planning a long detour but I was curious to see where this new road would lead me.  It was an extraordinary journey but when it came to an end, I wanted to get back to doing what I love.  In just a few years, the whole marketing and business world had changed - I was hit by a wall of jargon and new fangled ways to do things and I was drowning in all the new things I had to know.  Until I realised, that it was all smoke and mirrors.  Marketing was still the same - only the options had changed.  

There are a lot more options available now, there is no doubt.  But they aren't all right for you.  

There are lots of ways of doing things (and plenty of people who will tell you their way is best) but there is only one you and only one way that is right for you.

The approach you take has to work with your unique way of thinking, doing and learning.  It has to work with your energy, not against it.  And that's where most approaches fail - you get left out of the equation.  That's not how I work.

I work with you to create a unique blueprint for you and your goals for business and life (because we all want a business that lets us live our life, not run our life). 

When your systems, style and approach are built around you, marketing can be a natural part of your day to day activities that feels right and is easy to achieve.  You can have the confidence of knowing you are on the right track for success and that your approach is getting results. 

The first step to a simpler approach that puts you at the heart of your business (where you should be), that will give you confidence and bid farewell to the confusion, is to click right here

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