The conventional approaches to business leave me cold. 

I’ve always been a tad anti-rule (just a tad) but it’s more than my stubborn, don’t tell me what to do streak that’s at play.

Polly Hearsey Headshot

The conventional approaches just don’t fit the way I (and you, if you are here) see the world and want to operate in it.

After locking horns with the world of online business and marketing for a while I became determined to find a more natural way of being in business and creating the relationships that are so essential for sustainable growth and vibrant business.

I wanted to work with my intuition (actually my intuition made it abundantly clear it wasn’t taking a back seat any more) to create my business and support my clients to do the same.

Some radical re-imagining and re-designing were in order. I wanted to change the rules to actively encourage expression and impassioned action. I wanted to go deep into the internal power of each individual and move away from the mass design that has so little impact for change. Above all, I wanted to help people create a thriving business that felt good to bring to the world.

I knew from my experience of working with people in many different life situations that we can always go deeper into our purpose, there is always more waiting to emerge into the light, there is always more to us than meets the eye.

But we aren’t taught to work with that, we are told to bury it and focus on a limited range of what our “ideal clients” want. My intuition and experience said otherwise. I knew that connecting to our self first and foremost was the key to connecting with others. There was another way and I was going to create it.

And so, Soul Expression Alchemy was born. A combination of Business Energetics, Energetic Marketing and elemental alchemy designed to set you free to express your truth and essence.

Soul Expression Alchemy is a solid foundation and launch pad for your personal and business growth. Bringing the whole of you into your power to know and act and be your unique self. To create change and transformation that the world so needs and desires. To be you.

It’s a journey of exploration and discovery. Every step brings new levels, new depths and new strength to create with heart and soul. And the journey is the most fun in company. If you are a fellow traveller or simply intrigued by what the journey might create for you, it's time we got to know each other better. 

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