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False Urgency

Hurry, hurry there’s only 5 hours left until this replay comes down.

You don’t want to miss this revolutionary/ground breaking/life changing content.

You won’t forgive yourself for missing out and if you don’t act now, you never will.

A little later…

This is your last chance. This will never be available at this price again. Can you afford to let yourself down again?

30 minutes later…

Just want to check that you saw this. This really is your last chance to access the key to success that no one else is talking about.

Prod, poke, nudge, undermine, judge, diminish…

And it isn’t even real.

False urgency is a crappy strategy that disrespects your clients.

The only urgency is yours.

Pressure creates impulse decisions. You will assume that pressure to act is the key to getting the sales to happen but just as many people will walk away because of the pressure.

Some people need to reflect, get quiet and carefully consider their position before making a decision. Of those that respond to the prompts, a good proportion will be reacting from their fear of missing out meaning more than a few will be a poor fit. It doesn’t serve them, it doesn’t help you.

Those who evangelise on this strategy are only considering the “success” rate of pressure to complete a transaction, not the impact of the strategy on the whole, because the decisions of those who choose not to act cannot be factored or measured. Those who do not act have no voice.

If your business is purely a vehicle to make money, then only those who act have a voice. But if you are in the business of transformation and change creation, only giving voice to those who respond to pressure is denying your business the vitality of those who choose a different way of being.

High-pressure sales and marketing tactics will cost you far more than you will ever know. Your model for business, marketing and sales has to be different to embody the principles of consciousness on every level. One of the first changes you can make is to leave the pressure tactics at the door.

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