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Early BirdEarly bird pricing has become almost a given in the online space.

To be fair I have only ever dabbled with the idea. In the past, I have played around with offering extras for those who sign up quickly but even this has felt off.

As part of my declaration of going “marketing free” in 2020, I am now ditching early bird offers altogether.

Here’s why.

It’s never felt good because it is based on psychological triggers of scarcity. It plays into the psychological patterns of those who fear missing out.
It plays into those fears with a deadline that is frankly arbitrary.
It drives people to bargain hunt, not quality hunt.
It drives people to make impulsive decisions not considered ones.
It puts them into a high adrenaline state, not an intuitive one.

And when the dust has settled and the work begins, that’s when the real impact is felt. People are not in a place – emotionally or energetically – to receive, respond and act.

Ultimately they make an investment they are not wholly ready for. Their experience and results are less than they hoped and that has a negative impact on them and on their perception of your business.

For you, it either means results that are not to your usual standard or having to invest more time to get your clients there.

There are no real winners in this situation.

Certainly, some people can make impulsive decisions that turn out brilliantly. But on balance that’s not the reality.

I want my clients to make intuitive, informed, considered decisions not be startled into action. I want them to be ready and primed to take the action they need to take to see results. I want them to feel they have the power to choose their path and to know that I actively support them in their self-leadership. For me, it is simply a matter of profound respect.

And so I declare farewell to the early bird.

2020 is my “marketing free” year. Throughout this year I will be exploring how the current paradigm of marketing is out of step with our emerging consciousness and how we can create positive constructive social change through adapting our approach to sharing and selling. Feel free to follow my explorations and declarations here and on social media.


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