Clear Vision 2015

Working with early stage businesses recently brings up a common trait.  Their vision of what they want their business to be has got lost in the maelstrom of day to day necessities.  It's something that happens to many businesses at different stages. You need to recognise when it has happened and take action.  

The Art of Saying Goodbye

I have been on a mission recently to clean up my inbox.

I'm unsubscribing from lists that are no longer relevant to me, that I cannot remember subscribing to or that I am pretty sure I didn't subscribe to in the first place.

Progress has been a very mixed bag - every time I think I have cracked it another obscure email appears from some company I have little memory of.

A sustained programme of unsubscribing has highlighted some stark contrasts in how different businesses manage what should be a simple and painless process. I have seen complete extremes from simplicity itself to downright complicated.

Which prompted me to share some observations and top tips for handling email subscriptions. 

Whats Your Story

Do you tell the story of your business, your products and your values?

Do you use your story at every available opportunity to make more of your business? 

If not, it is time to think again.

Stories are good for your business. 


Noise Funnels Landing Customers

Every day we are all besieged with information from so many sources, so much so that we block out information that is not or does not seem relevant to us

As a business competing with all that noise presents some challenges.

But they are not insurmountable.

How you use information to draw in potential customers and guide them to the result you both want can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

To Cap It All

Have you heard of the Code of Advertising Practice?

Or to give it its proper title, the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing.

It might not be the snappiest title but it is one that you ought to be familiar with.  

For many small businesses, the code is not widely known or understood. But it is a critical aspect of any small business's marketing activities.

Business Killers

There are 3 big business killers out there.  Every day I watch businesses lose ground and falter because of them.  

You probably won't notice they are there - at least not at first.  Once they are in though, getting rid of them is another matter.  

The are responsible for lost opportunities, businesses getting off course, lost time and resources. They sidetrack you and make you lose your perspective. They are dangerous but they are also everywhere.

Are they in your business?

Perfect Presentation Twitter

In the dark mists of time, communication was something that took time and consideration.

Writing with a quill, fountain pen or a manual typewriter needed care. Written communication was valued. As life has got more hectic and technology has advanced, our communication has changed. 

Today, we communicate constantly and quickly, more often than not remotely. More than ever, we are communicating via the written word.

How much thought do we give our communication when it is so prolific and seems to have such low value? In our haste to communicate, how careful are we to make it count?

Heart of Your Business

If there was one thing you could do to transform your business - would you do it? 

Small businesses are created from passion, an exceptional skill and sometimes necessity.  These drive the business forwards but on its own, it is not enough. 

There is one thing that absolutely must drive your business and without it, frustration and slow growth are inevitable.

What should really be at the heart of your business?

Whats Your Business Worth

A regular conversation with clients is around the tension between cash flow and market position.

Small businesses have many issues to contend with to keep their heads above water and the temptation is to bring in the money at all costs.  That might sort out short term cash flow problems but in the long run, it will damage your business.  Surely your business is worth more?

New Website Guide and Checklist

If you are about to embark on commissioning a new website, you can avoid some costly mistakes by getting prepared.  

Your website is one of your biggest business assets. Even for a non-e-commerce business, it is a key selling tool. In fact it should be the busiest worker in your team helping your business to grow and reach new customers.

Most businesses will need someone who specialises in web design to do the work for them. And doing it this way is a sound investment - doing it yourself takes time and a lot of patience, not to mention a sound understanding of a lot of technical aspects of design, build and optimisation. 

But it is a huge investment for most small businesses. Avoid costly mistakes by following these top tips.

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