You have a purpose, a soul calling, to create impact and the desire to do it your own way has reached a breaking point.

The time is now.

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Your energy is calling you forward but how are you going to work with it to create, to transform, to expand?
The frustration of working within the known is holding you back, pushing the air out of your lungs and denying your free expression. You are looking for the way to feel the life of your business.
No more delay.
It is available for you right now.
The next steps are here. The path is waiting.
I’ll bring the map, if you bring the energy.

Change the World
Your energy is the seed from which all else grows. You simply need a structure to work with it to create and express your purpose.
I created the Soul Expression Alchemy and Energetic Marketing™ codes for you.

The codes are a radical redesign of business and marketing based on the energetics of essence, creation, expression and connection – the four pillars of sustainable business design and growth.

New Creations
In partnership with the energy of your essence and the energy of your business you can open up new possibilities and directions to bring your purpose to life.

You can create the unique positioning that is needed to be seen and heard by those who need you.
You weren’t born to be contained by the system.

You were born to create.
Your way.

Discover how to bring energetics to life in your business

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Polly Hearsey HeadshotI'm Polly Hearsey and I created Business Energetics in my quest to radically rethink and redesign the way that conscious entrepreneurs approach our businesses. 

We are all unique and we need more than regurgitated conventional business models. We need a new creation to meet the new energy. 

You can reclaim your power to BE you. You can walk the untrodden path with the confidence to connect with your community and create experiences for them that defy the norm and deliver the extraordinary.

The power is within you and I am here to help you bring it out to play. 

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 Your Next Steps

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