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How to find clarity on your niche

Your niche, your signature package, your message are the holy grails of entrepreneurial clarity.

And they are red herrings, every one of them.

Clarity doesn't come from labouring, obsessing and exhausting yourself trying to nail your niche. You will never feel that you have got it absolutely right. There will always be something that feels off. However, this is the path that most entrepreneurs take because this is the path that is dictated by the business world. 

Rarely a day goes by when I don't speak to or hear of entrepreneurs in a near state of despair because they can't fathom their niche despite expending huge amounts of energy and time into the process. And the common cause of confusion is always the same. 

Chasing clarity on what to offer, to who and how to talk about it by focusing on these without reference to who you are and why you are here is like trying to drive a car without an engine.

The clarity you need is not found in what other people need but what you are uniquely placed to offer.

We have become so accustomed to business being about customers, that collectively we have forgotten that passion, purpose and uniqueness are what drive business forward.

In simple terms, knowing what you are here to do is the missing piece of the puzzle. Your passion will give you the clarity on your purpose and your purpose will bring clarity on how to apply it and who needs it.

No two people have the same purpose nor can two people create the same business. This riddle is unique in every case. 

However, this riddle is not as challenging as you might imagine to solve. 

Life has prepared you for this. It has given you all the tools to carve out a unique niche, to speak your own truth, to offer what no one else can. The only way you will find clarity on how to show up for others is to show up for yourself first.

The best investment you will ever make in your business and its success is to focus on you. Join the dots, see the bigger picture, work out what you can do that no one else can. When you feel and know this, the rest will fall into place.

This is the foundational work for all my clients because when you know what you are here to do how you do it comes naturally. Clarity doesn't need to be elusive nor should it be. Once you have it, you will take the brakes off your growth. If clarity is eluding you, don't wait a moment longer. The secret is within you. 

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