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Achieving Resonance

Ease and grace are the bywords of the spiritual community. If a path is in alignment, the theory is it’s going to be easy.

The assumption that what feels good is always the right path is a massive disservice to your potential.

Ease is found inside your comfort zone. Growth is messy and uncomfortable.

Working with the pure business frequencies, I have felt myself and witnessed in others time and again how challenging it can be to calibrate our resonance with energy. Sometimes where we are going is so different from where we are now that far from feeling in alignment, the frequency feels alien. It would be easy to turn away but that would mean missing out of what is truly possible for you. 

Some levels of frequency are deeply uncomfortable to hold but hold them we must if we want to rise to meet them. Sometimes who we are needs to shift dramatically to come into a comfortable resonance. Our whole system needs to upgrade – physically, mentally, emotionally – to hold the frequency consistently.

It will inevitably ask you to strengthen the parts of you that you have resisted or backed off from in the past. If that were easy you would have done it a long time ago. Growth is rarely the epitome of ease and grace. Ultimately the choice is between settling and expanding into your full potential.

Isn’t it worth the risk to see what you are really capable of?

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