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April to June 2020 Energy

At the end of 2019, when I felt into the energetic rhythm of the year I could sense that the early part of the year was about reconnection to self, purpose, direction.

It was a clear call to go deeper and allow yourself to expand into your possibilities.

We will all be offered ample opportunity to go really deep this year. I will admit that at the time that I looked at the year as a whole, the early part didn't entirely make sense. There was something that I couldn't quite read. I don't think I was alone with that!

As we come into the second quarter of 2020, I have spent a little time connecting the energy of the upcoming quarter and how we can come into resonance with it.

The clear message is drawing lines in the sand.

As our rhythms and our routines are disrupted, it will throw into clear relief what we will and won't make space for in our lives. There will be a lot of clearing out of perceptions and assumptions. We will be remembering and rediscovering what we want and are capable of.

The disruption will remove the masks and bring the undertones of our own patterns and our collective ones into the light for closer examination, which will support us in getting very clear on our individual and collective lines in the sand.

We will be finding our voices to communicate with real honesty - starting with ourselves.

It would be easy to get lost in this, but the key to making the best use of the energy of the second half of the year is to find the forward anchor. Find the light on which you choose to focus and allow it to draw you on and out into a new paradigm that awaits (or that you will create).

As we come to the end of June, it feels that we will be ready to make a quantum leap as the energy firmly shifts from internal examination and strengthening and out into external expression and presence.

There is no doubt that there is massive personal and collective change afoot. As much as this can feel scary, now more than ever it is important to really connect to your soul expression, to find your roots and be unwaveringly true to yourself. This is what will lift us into a new reality and a greater level of personal empowerment.


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