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Energetic Drain

You need a lead generating opt in,

Apparently all online businesses are required to have one or so I have heard.


There are many businesses that will really struggle with creating opt ins. In the main, these businesses are powered by the elemental energy of Air.

An Air business is dynamic and fluid. What makes sense today is only the shadow of what makes sense tomorrow making the content of an opt-in largely irrelevant on a rolling basis. Opt-in’s can be a ball and chain for an Air business.

An Earth business, on the other hand, is totally in its element (pun intended). This is perfect territory for sharing essential nuggets of wisdom and sage advice.

A Fire business will happily strut its stuff and share their passion.

And a Water business is on home ground – this is a perfect opportunity to connect deeply with their audience.

The industry-standard approaches work for such a narrow range of businesses, opt-in’s need a really creative approach to work with different elemental energies. There are so many ways to build an audience for all the elemental businesses, it’s a perfect invitation to flex your creativity to the max.

Don't accept the standard advice. Be more than the norm can handle. 

Get in touch if you are ready to find out which element is guiding your business. 

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