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The Art of Receiving Blog Post

When you work on, in or with your business, there are 3 streams of energy at work.

Yours, your business and the alchemy between you.

If you choose to work through your own energy, then your business is denied expression.

If you choose to subsume yourself within your business energy, then you are denied expression.

Choosing to collaborate with your business so that both energy streams are given conscious expression is where the magic is at.

Letting Go of Expectation

Without a doubt, the prevailing theme is to stop pushing and start allowing.

But what does that even mean?

My own experience with this had me tied up in knots a few years back. I could not wrap my mind around what it took to "let go" and "flow".

And therein lay the problem. Trying to use my mind to unravel it out was never going to work which was a lesson I had to learn the hard way.

Travel Light

Why does business have to be complicated?

As most businesses have evolved to include or exist exclusively in the online space, the number of moving parts that have to be managed has exploded.

It has become so complicated that every bit of energy is focused on how a business operates not why.

It is disconnecting us from the reason we are entrepreneurs. It’s time for a declutter.

Activating the Elements of Transformation

Creativity depends upon the active engagement of all four elements to transform desire into form. 

Every business needs these energies to do what it is here to do.

Creative action does not happen unless the elements are actively brought into play. 

Activating them is not some cryptic ancient art. It is deceptively simple. 

When you need to instil a little more of a particular element to move you forward try these tips. 

Stepping Away from Facebook

I was reviewing how and where I want to share my business.

Looking at my platforms, the energy I want to share in each and the roles they play for different aspects of business.

There was one word I could not bring myself to include.


Integrating Fire Energy

Whichever way you turn at the moment you are likely to be confronted by your own fire energy.

Integrating fire energy has been tough over the last few years.

Yet the increasing pitch of opinion is testament to the effort people are making to find a way to hold an opinion or value without bleeding energy. Frantically trying to hold your energy with imbalanced and unintegrated fire energy is a recipe for considerable angst.

2021 will continue to ask you to find your fire. The requests will keep coming until you do.

From Logic to Lucidity

If I had known, at the outset of my entrepreneurial journey,

that stepping out of my head would give me the level of lucid clarity my logical mind had been craving, I might have done it a bit sooner.

I was rather happy in my head.

I loved connecting the dots and exploring the many nooks and crannies of concepts.

I went where I felt called to but I always came home to my mind.

Logic held the answers. I could trust it to steer me right.

Or so I believed.

Collaborating with Possibility

Itchy feet are everywhere right now.

The need to bring change is burning deep within people.

Longstanding niggles are demanding to be heard, dreams are calling to be created.

For entrepreneurs, restlessness is challenging people to break out of the limited world they find themselves in.


Lessons from Becoming Marketing Free

Towards the end of 2019, I decided that it was time to cut the cords with mainstream marketing.

These are my reflections on becoming marketing free and the lessons I have learnt. 

Attuned Planning

Whether you love creating plans or choose to give them a wide berth, some degree of planning is valuable for your business.

Personally, I like to plan loosely, following themes and broad ideas rather than specific details. This gives me what I need to follow it rather than feel suffocated by it. 

But then my personal creative energy is defined by air, which likes its freedom. 

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