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The Power of Subtlety

Subtlety is massively under-rated.

Our world is driven by the scale of our endeavours.

Followers, readership, views, revenue, GDP define success. It is a world where we need to be larger than life and outdo the Jones’, where one-up-man-ship to be seen and heard above the rest is the norm, there is little room for subtlety.

Chaos and Evolution

Predictability in life may be a boredom factor you avoid as much as possible. 

But in business, it is often sought relentlessly.

Systems and routines that “simplify” and keep things running like clockwork are reassuring. They give us a sense of control and order.


Order comes from chaos and if everything exists in a permanent state of order, everything stays the same. We need a bit of “chaos” to create evolution.

Simplify your Marketing

Are you up for a challenge?

Take any belief or assumption you hold about marketing and challenge yourself to see it in a totally different way.

Often we take our beliefs as absolute and act accordingly. In business, this creates inflexibility and a lack of ability to respond to opportunity.

Leap into Your Vision

You don’t know what you don’t know.

You can’t see what you can’t see.

Every step you take into the unknown is an act of faith and trust that the path will become clear. But your oversight of your bigger vision is still in the dark.

What if you took a leap instead of a step?

Signalling not Selling

Aggressive sales and marketing tactics are so much a part of our social and cultural awareness now that they are rarely questioned.

The harder you push the more you control the outcome.

It is how you grow business on your terms. Set the agenda, control the behaviour, create the growth.

The Visibility Guilt Trip

The other day a video ad popped into my Facebook feed that made my heart sink.

It showed someone head in hands despair because they had forgotten to post on social media.

It was, of course, offering the solution of hundreds of off the shelf, engagement guaranteed ideas for posts.

Not posting. Not being visible. Day in day out. It is the greatest cardinal sin of the online business era.

Shifting the Frequency of the Earth Through Conscious Business

Your business’s role is to shift the frequency of the world.

Nothing less than this is doing it justice.

Personally I am bored with the focus on how many figures a business makes or what lifestyle it affords you. It’s time to move the conversation on.

Trusting your Intution in Business

Something that held me back for the longest time was lack of proof.

It seemed to me that the world was obsessed with knowing how many and how much would come from any investment.

In the early days, I tried to knock my work “into shape” but it felt so wrong. Putting a number on the ticket felt wholly disingenuous.

I fumbled about for a while with a half-way house mentality that left me between worlds before I realised that I had to fully step into a new way of thinking about business.

It was an immense release to admit to myself that I cannot prove that my work “works”.

The Risks of High Ticket Pricing

There are many beliefs around pricing that don’t stack up for me.

For example:

The higher the price, the higher the value.
Credibility and consistent clients come from a high end, signature package.
Money is no object for your ideal client.
The greater the investment, the greater the outcome.

And then there’s the one that makes no sense at all:
Charge your worth.

I have had a growing sense of disquiet and discomfort around pricing concepts and structures and have wanted to change how I approach pricing in my own business.

The Power of Words

I scanned my to-do list and read Rethink Funnels.

I had been meaning to review my funnels to make some improvements and it seemed like a good task for the mood I was in.

Except that as I began to focus on the task, I drew a complete blank. I knew what I needed to review but there was a fairly solid block to going further with it.

And I had created it.

There is a lot of energy attached to words. We can use this to our advantage by anchoring energy into copy and systems through the words we choose and use. But it can also work the other way.

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