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Healing Trauma with your Business

Every entrepreneur knows, through experience, how much their business has transformed them.

It pushes every button you have and those you had no idea existed.

It challenges every fear you are aware of and many more that surprise you.

When you start out on the journey you will not know this will happen and you will likely underestimate the impact it will have every step of the way.

Building your own business will ask you to grow, evolve and learn every single moment.

It’s not all about skills and expertise. The most valuable learning is always about yourself.

It’s possible to create and grow a business without choosing to engage with these lessons but it will not be healthy.

Any business that is sparked from within is here to teach you about yourself. If you are willing to learn, your business will heal you.

If you aren’t, it will probably destroy you.

The irony is that the healing will feel like destruction and the destruction will feel productive, that is until you reach the point where you can do no more.

In the maelstrom of personal growth, your business will often feel like it is falling away. Stuttering growth will scream at you to do more but if you are willing to learn you will also be hearing the still, quiet voice inside telling you that this is the fire of transformation and that you simply need to experience it.

The healing that occurs through your business will transform every aspect of your life. It’s no cakewalk and it’s not for the faint of heart. Yet once on the path, it is inevitable that the growth will keep on coming, as will the desire to find the most profound expression of purpose into the world.

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