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Do You Trust Your Business

Do you trust your business?

Does it make you feel safe?

Do you trust it to look after you?
To empower you to express yourself?
To be understood?
To respect you?

The act of creating a business is a process of alchemy. It takes streams of energy (yours and your business’s) and brings them together to create a new dynamic.

If you don’t trust your business, you will take control of the whole process and disallow your business a voice. It’s natural, you are protecting yourself from something you do not know or trust.

In the absence of trust, you will only deplete your energy and you will experience business-related trauma where your nervous system is sent into overload.

Business is collaborative at an energetic level – it does not all fall upon you. Without trust, it will all be upon your shoulders. Trust is the pathway to a lighter load and more capacity.

When you trust the energy you are bringing and the energy you sense within your business, you will allow the energies to connect and come into resonance.
This creates a new dynamic and vessel of energy that brings its own life force into expression. Your business gets a life of its own.

Trust means different things for everyone. Life shows us different perspectives on the presence and absence of trust. What has your life shown you and what are the markers of trust for you?

You will need something very particular to develop trust with your business and you have the key to nurture it.

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