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The Keys to Thriving in Turbulent Times

As we come to the end of the energetic year you may well be feeling the incredibly intense energies in every area of your life.

On a business front, you may find yourself questioning and challenging everything.

You may even be doing this immediately after you had just worked through a load of stuff and come to firm decisions.

You are not on your own. So many are experiencing this sense of chaos and disruption right now. 

2022 is going to bring in some powerful energies of balance and harmony but only if we are ready and that's what all this upheaval is really about at the moment. The new energetic year begins on 11/11 (I will be sharing more about that very soon), and you may be feeling it already.

Navigating this period will ask for three things.


Some simple breathwork practices will stand you in good stead right now. Something as simple as breathing in for 7, hold for 4 and out for 7 will work wonders. (If you want something deeper, check my YouTube channel or Insight Timer).


Gift yourself space to hear what is going on inside and really consider it. Without space it is likely that panic will rise up as your head takes over. Space means you can listen to yourself. Do what it takes to break the patterns and find space for yourself.


Intense change requires intense trust. There is a reason that all this is happening, so when you hear the answer to your question, trust it. Work with it and don't ignore it.

These three things will help you emerge from the storm into the calm, stronger and more focused on bringing your magic to the world.

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