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Intuitive Creativity

You will not destroy your business following your creative instincts. You will save it.

Too many people are relying on business advice to grow their businesses when that advice is actually crippling it.

It simply isn't tuned in to what is really needed or appropriate to the business in question.

And if you aren't really listening to your intuition and trusting yourself, it will take you off course because you won't challenge it. You will stay stuck. And frustrated.

Draw a line in the sand!

Your intuition is a powerful business tool that will bring your business to life taking you way ahead of the mainstream.

You have to give yourself permission to listen intently and deeply.

To not be distracted by what your head is telling you.
To not be taken off course by what your coach is telling you (yes, it happens a lot)
To not second guess your inner wisdom.
To not be derailed by what everyone else is doing.

You need to go your own way.

Every day your business is talking to you. It is sharing insights about the direction of travel, the actions that will ignite growth, the messages people need to hear and so much more.

The energy of your business is a distinct frequency that needs to become part of how you work. It isn’t simply about alignment. It is stepping into a deeper knowing of self, purpose and action that supports this energy. The energy is much more than a guide. It is a co-creative force of transformation.

Giving yourself permission to listen and respond will unlock the true co-creative ability and potential that can be brought to life through your business.

Your business has a life-changing purpose. It is asking you to go beyond what is perceived as the norm, to bring dedication and commitment to finding a unique path that matches the unique transformation you are seeking to create,

You cannot continue applying the strategies of others and the mainstream solutions if you are going to make this happen. It is time to give yourself permission to take a different route.

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