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Creating Space Working with the Rhythms of Nature in Business

Business never rests. It is a 24/7 affair of money generation and incremental market share gain.

If your business cannot rest, then you cannot rest either.

But that is not how humans or nature work.

Why we expect our businesses to defy the laws of nature is a bit of a mystery. We can seek to automate it all we want, but that will not change the fact that all nature (and business is nature) must follow the natural cycle.

Within this cycle, energies ebb and flow. Sometimes that energy is manifesting externally and sometimes it is seeking internal quietude.

This is the cycle governed and guided by the elements of earth, air, fire and water. This natural cycle of elemental energies has a profound impact on the way you work within your business. You are always moving through the elements (consciously or not) as you create and evolve.

Sometimes you are taking your business to people, other times you are coming back within to find more depth and insight to fuel growth.

This is your natural state and the natural state of your business.

No business is meant to be on constant alert yet this is what we have created. Never ending flash sales, launches, social media presence, constant content creation and the push to be visible at all times keep you in a high-octane energy and out of the very energy you need to allow your business to grow.

It’s all push energy.

Push energy doesn’t lead to expansion. It leads to contraction.

Growth is dependent upon the one thing we do not consciously create in business.


This is what fuels growth.

Consciously creating the space to listen. To understand. To create.

If you don’t create a place for space in your business, your business will take the reins and force the issue.

Failed launches. Evaporating clients. Zero engagement. These will become your reality.

Your instinct will be to push through and try harder. Those around you will reinforce the belief that this is the only solution.

But you will have a niggling knowing that the solution is not to double down.

And you would be right.

When your business starts failing, pushing is the last thing you need to be doing.

Creating space to stop, listen and come into understanding is the route to growth. Only when you create space can you hear, see, feel, know the next step that will bring you into a deeper attunement with your path.

The natural ebb and flow is the energy of creation in motion.

Your business needs to be designed to work with this cycle so it can thrive. You may need it on a daily basis or every now and then. A little time reflecting on your own natural rhythm will show you how and when it comes knocking on your door. When you have this piece of the puzzle, you can shift the design of your business to breathe, thrive and expand.

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