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Shifting Chakras

What is a heart-based business?

It's a phrase in relatively common use but beyond the label is a message for all of us about the roles of our businesses for the future.

As I have been leaning into deeper work with the business energy body, it has become clear that it is about a different energy of consciousness being in play and this is reflected within the business chakras.

This energy is causing the primary chakras of business to shift.

For the longest time, business has operated from Solar Plexus energy. It hasn't been balanced by a long chalk, but this is where the drive has originated. Lots of push, determination, battling against the odds and more and this energy has infiltrated how we operate at very subtle levels.

It has caused a huge amount of trauma to every business energy body which will need to be healed if we are to shift chakras smoothly.

Heart-based consciousness has been growing within businesses everywhere. This brings a deep focus on a more compassionate model of business and is very attractive to anyone who is highly sensitive or intuitive.

However, because we are in the midst of transition, most heart-based businesses are still operating on Solar Plexus principles. This is the root of the trauma and there will be lots of healing work required in the near future.

For me, heart-based businesses are based on conscious business principles and explore self-expression that feels good. We need more and more of them to shift the dynamic.
But there is something beyond conscious business that is calling and it operates not from the heart but the high heart chakra.

We are journeying from Solar Plexus energy, through the Heart. into the High Heart.

The High Heart business operates fully within the realm of We. It is anchored in collaboration, embracing your power within the whole and bringing your magic to the table without reservation.

But, most of all, the energy is rooted in sharing your genius because it is an act of love to do so. Energy that is shared in this way radically alters the harmonic for everyone. It changes what is possible. The concept of business as an act of love may be a million miles from what we have experienced in the past and present but it is closer than you may think. It is available to you now.

Shifting your business into High Heart energy is one of the most powerful things you can do to accelerate the transition. It will entirely recalibrate your business energy body to the new frequencies available. And healed, it will heal the world.

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