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Integrating Change

Shifts can happen in a moment, but deep change happens over time.

We’ve all had those moments of deep clarity and big shifts that feel amazing.

But this is not the change. That comes off the back of those moments cannot be rushed.

In business, this means that the moments of clarity need time to be integrated into your thinking and doing. When you are working with the energetics of your business, it means creating the space for the energy to speak to you and come into understanding.

Everyone experiences instants of deep knowing. Sometimes something feels right, sometimes it feels wrong. You trust your knowing but you cannot explain why. That’s because energy needs to be felt, intuited, articulated, actioned – in that order. It is impossible to fully integrate energy into your business unless you create the space and time for this process to happen.

The lure of instant results is strong but it is, in the best possible light, misleading. True and sustained change, growth and expansion respond to time and space.

Mozart said “the music is not in the notes, but in the silence between”.

Mozart is always sharing that silence whenever I create any mentoring programme. I consciously create space in between sessions to allow the energy to speak (I often think of my work as the business version of slow cooking). The difference it makes is huge and why I no longer run short programmes. Clients finish with changes fully integrated and all the strategies in place to ensure they stay on course.

In my own business, I have learnt to be less demanding in terms of productive actions and allow more space for creative actions. I get more done when I expect less and what I do is always stronger for the space it was gifted.

Next time you get that big epiphany, consider how you can create some space for it to talk to you and share its insights into what needs to change for it to become part of your thinking and doing.

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