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Energetic Structures

No business can operate without energetic structures.

These are the systems and spaces we create to share and receive through.

For the most part, these structures are created according to the logic of what is required. This tends to exclude the presence of energy or impose a structure upon it that prevents it from moving naturally.

Energy needs to be in motion. This is its natural state.

To work at an energetic level in business means creating naturally dynamic structures and systems that allow energy to move.

If we receive energy without processing or responding to it, it becomes stagnant. We receive energy to activate or sustain its natural motion. Our business models and the systems and processes that support it need to focus on maintaining the dynamic nature of the energy we are working with.

In business this means creating energetic structures where you can extend your energy, hold your energy and receive energy. You need spaces and systems that allow you to respond, connect and evolve through energetic interaction. Extending your energy means sharing intent, concepts, practice, a willingness to connect and engage and to receive back. You need structures to enable this.

The first structure that all others emerge from is a daily or regular energetic practice for your business. This is the foundation for creating any systems or infrastructure that comes next, as any practical response should emerge from the energy.

Your energetic practice needs to be focused on moving energy in a two-way flow. Within business you will extend and receive, invite and respond, create and offer, transform and evolve. Energy is always moving in two directions because all business is interactive and evolving. You are shaped by your clients as your clients are shaped by you.
Once you have your energetic practice, it will be possible to develop dynamic systems and energetic structures in response to the energy that is moving through your business.
All energetic structures need to support movement through the experience that is your business rather than restricting it in any way.

We need energetic structures to fulfil a range of functions in business such as:

  • Building audience awareness.
  • Building engagement and interaction.
  • Developing relationships and deep connection.
  • Providing solutions and support.
  • Receiving new clients and connections.
  • Receiving income.
  • Receiving support ourselves.
  • Investing income.
  • Intentionally moving people from one structure to the next in a natural flow.

Many of these structures will be third party technology that support you. How you use energetic structures that are rooted in physical systems is key; Intention and role within your business are very important in ensuring that they work with rather than against the energy.

If you are using third party solutions, then you can maintain dynamic flow either by changing what is available through them or by creating a flow through the structures. For example, if you have a membership site then you will likely be changing out the content or adding new regularly to sustain the flow of energy. If your YouTube channel is a key part of your strategy, then it is a stepping stone to another destination. Both are examples that maintain movement through your business experience.
Often you will be able to create your own solutions. The way you onboard new clients is an energetic structure that everyone can do in their own way, for example. The simpler you keep your business structure, the easier it is to sustain the movement of energy through it.

A structure will be somewhere to host or share content or presence. It should always have a specific role or purpose in your business strategy in terms of engaging people in a specific way or at a specific stage of their journey.

It can be a space where engagement and interaction can happen. It can be a space of introduction or awareness building. It can be a way of connecting. It can be a space or systems for onboarding clients, eg a scheduler, invoicing, T&C’s etc. These enable the flow of energy. You need to know how the energy moves to know what approach is most appropriate for your business.

Physical energetic structures include:

  • Social media platforms.
  • Website
  • Content hosting platforms eg Blog, podcast, Patreon, Substack, medium and content sharing platforms eg YouTube, Pinterest
  • Engagement spaces eg emails, groups and fora
  • Interactive spaces eg groups, events
  • Relationship spaces eg one to one support, events, activities, resources, conversation.

Moving energy through these physical structures is imperative. If you aren’t moving the energy they become dead weight in your business that will consume resources rather than add them. It is imperative that the structures you create respond to the energy and are as simple as possible. Energy always comes first, structures come second.

Focusing on the structures without the energy will bring into play systems and approaches that block your business growth. It’s not just about having the right systems for your strategy, it’s about evolving the strategy from the energy and then into the structures.

We want dynamic movement of energy, systems need to be able to move the energy which they cannot do if you impose a structure that does not naturally attune to the energy.

It’s tempting to build a business systems-first and that is how it is taught worldwide. But if we turn to the energy to guide us, then we create what is truly needed to support business growth in the most natural way possible.

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