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Activating the Elements of Transformation

Creativity depends upon the active engagement of all four elements to transform desire into form. 

Every business needs these energies to do what it is here to do.

Creative action does not happen unless the elements are actively brought into play. 

Activating them is not some cryptic ancient art. It is deceptively simple. 

When you need to instil a little more of a particular element to move you forward try these tips. 

Activated Earth Energy

Earth energy brings a certain panache to the world of business.

Mysterious and grounded in magic, earth energy makes anything possible because it responds to the conditions and energy that are present. Frequently surprising and delighting, earth energy reminds us that we are truly unlimited.

Working with pure creative energy anchors your business into its full potential.

Earth is the instigator, the conductor and the pragmatist with a flair for the unexpected.

As much as it depends on structures and systems, it is not limited by them. For where we are heading, activating earth energy in your business and expression will release you from the shackles of the past. Activate your earth energy by creating the conditions that support possibility.

Streamline, simplify, shake out the notions that restrict. Let yourself be open to amazement and wild, riotous creativity. Challenge yourself to believe anything is possible and you will find that it is.

Activated Air Energy

Move your energy not your form. Try to catch a feather or a leaf on the breeze and you will quickly discover the limitations of your form to follow the twists and turns of a whim. This is air energy.

It embraces expansion into the unknown. This is the anchor your business needs to find its true path in the world.

You have to let your energy travel. It’s fleet enough to catch and gather the wisps and hints that will take you on a new adventure. From your strong core, spin yourself out to find the shimmering threads from which you will weave your tapestry of ideas into a business that shares magic.

Let it fly with possibility.

The spirit of expansion can be activated by untethering your mind from the hold of the limits. Let them dissolve and watch your energy fly.

Activated Fire Energy

You are.

You can.

You will.

There is no reason not to.


No hesitation. No holding back.

It is your time. It is your purpose.

Fire energy drives a business’s place in the world. It holds the self-belief that brooks no distractions and magnetises attention to cause, outcome, transformation.

Activate fire energy in your business by feeling the rising energy that is seeking a voice through you. Connect to that voice. Allow yourself to stretch out beyond the now and dare to feel the future, the full impact that is coming through you and your presence to wield it.

Activated Water Energy

Water is the energy that connects the world of business to the soul. So long excluded it is beyond essential for the future of business as it embraces conscious choice and action. Connecting to the self, to community, to nature – the deep, interwoven connections that bring us fullness to a creation. If we let it.

Water is the energy of feeling the connection, the change that comes into being through the choices that are made. It is seeing your business as a living, breathing part of nature whose actions create the conditions for other energies to thrive.

You are valued, important and integral to the whole. Every action, no matter how big or small, is creating a new picture of life and weaving hope into our hearts. Making space for water energy in your business is all it takes to change the landscape.

Activate water energy by giving yourself permission to see business as integral to global change and knowing that without you it cannot happen.

Remember, you are the one you have been waiting for.


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