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Integrating Fire Energy

Whichever way you turn at the moment you are likely to be confronted by your own fire energy.

Integrating fire energy has been tough over the last few years.

Yet the increasing pitch of opinion is testament to the effort people are making to find a way to hold an opinion or value without bleeding energy. Frantically trying to hold your energy with imbalanced and unintegrated fire energy is a recipe for considerable angst.

2021 will continue to ask you to find your fire. The requests will keep coming until you do.

There are many misconceptions about fire energy.

It does not burn.
It does not consume.
It nourishes. It sustains.

But only when it is in balance.

Fear of fire is very real and it is debilitating in business.

To lead your business, you have to find your fire.

You cannot lead through someone else’s energy. It must be yours. Fire energy comes from your core, not your head. You will never think it into being.

It comes from what you cannot shake and from what cannot shake you.

The Moods – WB Yeats
TIME drops in decay,
Like a candle burnt out,
And the mountains and woods
Have their day, have their day;
What one in the rout
Of the fire-born moods
Has fallen away?

Fire is the expression of spirit, cause and passion. It is felt so powerfully that it must be expressed. It cannot be held within. Fire unexpressed will burn from the inside.

Finding your fire is accepting and embodying the energy of fire. It is lighting your inner passion. You feel the fire and do it because you must. Because you cannot not do it. Fire is where you lose the fear of judgement or failing. You speak and act because you must, in tune with your calling and your values.

Until you hold your fire, there will be something or someone that holds you back. As you evolve through your fire, those holds will loosen their grip until you can finally breathe freely to accept the fullness of your fire born calling.

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