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From Logic to Lucidity

If I had known, at the outset of my entrepreneurial journey,

that stepping out of my head would give me the level of lucid clarity my logical mind had been craving, I might have done it a bit sooner.

I was rather happy in my head.

I loved connecting the dots and exploring the many nooks and crannies of concepts.

I went where I felt called to but I always came home to my mind.

Logic held the answers. I could trust it to steer me right.

Or so I believed.

I have never been one to be contained by the rules. For as long as I can remember I have challenged them and it has got me into hot water more than once.

Yet, I have never been surprised to find myself staring down the barrel with a level of stubborn determination that definitely did not come from my logical mind.

I didn’t really know where it came from until I started to journey out of my head into intuition.

So many people told me to get out of my head but I had no idea what they meant. That’s the problem. If you are in your head you inevitably analyse what it means to operate outside of it. You go round and round in circles because it doesn’t make sense.

It’s only when you finally get that it isn’t supposed to make sense that it starts to make sense.

Getting out of your head means feeling.

Now if you are in your head you are almost certainly disconnected from feeling to some extent.

I know I was.

When the head rules, letting emotions and physical senses communicate deeper wisdom is impossible.

Emotions get stuck. The insight of the body is lost.

As entrepreneurs, this means frustration, stagnation and a lack of clarity.

Ironic isn’t it!

Our logic is the block.

It’s not that we don’t need logic. We really, really do.

But what we need is not to be led by logic but to allow it to respond to intuitive guidance.

Lucidity comes when you know something to be right with “every fibre of your being”. (The phrases we have long used are no mistake. They have come into use because they speak to the experience of operating as a whole being.)

In a world where we are driven to be relentlessly productive, the necessary stillness to listen to the fibres of our being is a rare opportunity unless we commit to making it a way of being.

In business, that will bring you face to face with guilt, fear and anxiety. Or rather, it will show you an illusion of chaos and failure.

You can choose to continue to experience your business through this illusion or you can choose not to.

Clarity is on the other side.

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