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Collaborating with Possibility

Itchy feet are everywhere right now.

The need to bring change is burning deep within people.

Longstanding niggles are demanding to be heard, dreams are calling to be created.

For entrepreneurs, restlessness is challenging people to break out of the limited world they find themselves in.


Our deep conditioning to listen to logic is forming a fairly impermeable barrier to the change.

It is saying that before you can even consider making a change to A, you will have to address X, Y and Z.

The need to retain control is deep within our psyche. But it is totally at odds with where we find ourselves. A year of massive (and ongoing) disruption has thrown a spotlight on the fact that control is an illusion on so many levels.

But choice is not.

"Control is an illusion, choice is not"

What if we embrace the chaos and challenge ourselves to believe that what we want to create is possible right now, with no conditions?

What if we choose to accept that we really do create our own destiny and that we WILL create it?

All bets are off then.

We can collaborate with possibility.

For the last couple of months, the urge to declutter has been evident in entrepreneurial circles. Physically and energetically, businesses and lifestyles are being re-evaluated. People have been changing their inner world and their outer environment but unless beliefs that lead you back to logical, definitive answers are challenged, the limitations will remain. Your desire to create will be blocked at every turn.

Creativity responds in the moment. It does not follow logic. It cannot be dependent on specific actions being completed first. Our collective and deeply written need for logic and control have been stymying our collective creativity for far too long.

The desire to build something different is a strong background energy and motivation at this time, that is bringing entrepreneur after entrepreneur smack bang up against these limiting requirements of business.

The reality is that there are no prescriptions or limitations. There are no obligations to follow a predefined path. There are no markers of guaranteed success.

There is, however, a big difference between doing what you need to do rather than what you have to do.

When you listen closely to the energy that wants to come through you, what you need to do becomes very present. Your individual expression of purpose makes itself known and unavoidable.

When you listen to logic, you will hear what you have to do. Expectations and restrictions take centre stage and block your ability to move with your expression.

Taking the decision and making the commitment to challenge your perception of your current position, instantly takes you into active collaboration rather than passive response and we have been collectively coasting in the latter as far back as we can remember.

This dynamic’s time is up. We have reached breaking point.

For the last few months, client after client has been reflecting this back as they re-write their own ideas of what their businesses can become. They have been re-balancing themselves and their businesses by exploring what is truly open to them.

What this has looked like in practice is a massive simplification of focus and activity. They have created the capacity to do more by doing less.

"Do more by doing less"

They have followed their own path by focussing exclusively on what works for their businesses. Interestingly, a common theme has been leaving social media behind or at the very least radically rethinking how and where they show up.

This has been driven by sensing the nature of engagement and activity that fits each case. The call to focus on deep conversation to nurture connections, for example, automatically brings your focus to specific types of activity or ways of showing up. Alternatively, the need to drop into people’s awareness to spark an idea takes you in a totally different direction with an entirely different set of activities to work with.

Innovation means experimentation.

The new is created through play. It requires a willingness to try and fail.

This is where we are at now. Possibility beckons but we have to give it credence, which logic will never allow.

Your business needs a unique approach to business development and marketing. It needs to be designed as the one-off it is. Following tried and tested models is not going to take you forward. You need to experiment, play, explore and, through this, find your unique path of expansion.

Working energetically, we can disconnect from logic and practicality as the creative drivers. Business development needs the flair of the intuitive to take it forward. Rational analysis and construction is not the same as creative expression. It has to support creativity not drive it.

Energy always has a distinct tone and personality which has profound implication for the style of approach and the specific activities that open your business up to expansion and evolution.

Energy tells how your business needs to be received.

For most conscious entrepreneurs, this is through depth of connection. Their businesses typically seek ways of inviting and catalysing transformation. But that never leads to a singular approach that works for all. The personality of the energy may seek group connection or it may seek long term individual connection. What is common to all is the need to have space for realisation and change to happen. This is rarely created in the standard models, which focus on churning people through without any natural breathing opportunities.
In conscious models, creating space is a natural response to the energy. Sometimes this is the rhythm or cadence to an experience, sometimes it is the platform for delivery.

There are no rules, only response.

If you choose to believe that you can create anything, then you will not be restrained or constrained by logic. Your default position will become finding a way to make it happen rather than finding reasons why it can’t.

Releasing the bind of logic gives you the opportunity to collaborate with possibility and through this to find yourself.

This is what is at the root of the need to declutter and create change. You are seeking a deeper expression of self and the world is ready to receive it.

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