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Adrenaline and Transformation

If you work in transformational fields, then you will undoubtedly feel seriously uncomfortable about pain points.


I have very strong opinions about the use of pain points and how they are effectively used to gaslight people into making decisions. This is not a foundation I am prepared to build my business on.

There is another aspect to the use of pain points that anyone working with clients to support their transformation should consider carefully before putting them to work in their business.

Pain points are prodded and poked, knives are twisted, in order to make people more acutely aware of their discomfort. To turn a pain point into a sales tool, there has to be a nudge or shove to take action that either makes the pain worse or brings the fear of it being worse into play.

All of which makes people feel insecure and vulnerable.In Maslow's hierarchy of needs, this knocks them back down into anxiety about their safety and security. Transformational work, on the other hand, is right at the top of the hierarchy. 

Pushing a pain point ups the adrenaline and moves people out of the energy they need to be in to do the work. 

Deep transformational work can only take place in a calm, unpressurised space where people feel safe. 

If nothing else had persuaded me that a completely different approach to marketing was essential, this would have.

Creating a safe space is a fundamental aspect of transformational work and it begins the moment you come into someone’s awareness, not once they flex their credit card. It is a matter of the highest integrity to me that every aspect of my business and marketing upholds this concept.

In turn, this has transformed how I bring my business to the world. Launches, funnels, squeeze pages, trip wires, automations, countdown timers and more have all been consciously binned.

They have been replaced with simple, honest, transparent forms of connection and communication.

What began as a personal journey became a journey to share with my community and my clients. Every step of this journey has made it crystal clear that when values are enacted in this way, a deeper and more trusting relationship is created with both your business and your clients; which flows into deeper transformation for your clients and the actualisation of your soul purpose.

For me, it is a win-win.

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