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Energy at Work

The notion that business is hard work, and that success is dependent upon it, is written deep into our collective psyche.

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t bought into this narrative in some way, including myself.

It’s not easy to let it go.

The little voice becomes louder the less you do until you feel compelled to take any action to make it stop.

Inevitably that action is not the action that is needed because to hear the action that is needed requires space.

It is imperative that we design our businesses with space and capacity to receive – whether that is inspiration, clients, income, collaboration, expansion…
Coming into understanding (and acceptance) of business as energy, of transformation as energy, of collaboration as energy … has completely rewritten my own concepts of business. I now know that when an energy is invited in to your field it is active in your field until such time as you consciously disconnect it.

What this means is that you are constantly “at work” even when you are ostensibly “doing nothing”.

Energy is always at work but your body doesn’t have to be.

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