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Activate Listen Create

Energy needs structure. It is what gives it the ability to move in a focused, intentional way.

There are two types of structure required – energetic and physical.

In order to bring any concept or idea into form, the energetic structure needs to be in place to facilitate the transition into physical.

Energetic structures have many different forms. There are as many forms as there are atoms in the universe. (This is precisely why blueprints can never work for your business incidentally.)

Creating the energetic structure simultaneously creates the capacity for the energy to come into form. When you incorporate actions to create the physical structure that the energy needs, it simply flows.

Activate, listen, create – this is energy in action.

Fundamentally it is incredibly simple and it is what we are born to do.
It falls down when our heads get in the way and our conditioned beliefs put up blocks left, right and centre.

It would be amazing to think that we could just flip a switch and follow the process seamlessly but the reality is that it is a journey where we learn new skills and let go of old beliefs as we go.

The path to success is paved with lessons learnt, skills mastered and an open mind.

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