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Dynamic Balance

If you have ever stood on a wobble board you will know that the secret to staying upright is not trying to keep everything level because it is near impossible.

The secret is constantly adjusting your weight and posture to stay in balance.

Your business is like a wobble board, constantly moving and adjusting.

If you follow this analogy further, it becomes obvious that at different times it will need different things.

But business is expected to run like clockwork, a smooth, well-oiled machine that never changes. It’s meant to be in a perfect state of equilibrium at all times.

Which it cannot be.

Added to this, the denial of rhythm through over-systematising is a chokehold on creative expression and it holds back expansion.

We are going to need to re-tell the narrative of business to allow it freedom, flexibility and the ability to dynamically adapt. We are going to need to re-write our beliefs and thoughts about what business should be.

The energy we are moving into from this month is looking for some deft footwork from entrepreneurs and the ability to ride that wobble board like a pro. 

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