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The Energetics of Appropriation

In the coming months, the energy will be supporting experimentation.

When this is the dominant theme it's likely that we will all hear more about appropriation and plagiarism. 

Appropriation and outright plagiarism are more than immensely frustrating, they do real damage to your self-esteem and self-belief.

There are all sorts of practical steps you can take to protect your work of course. But I want to share a perspective on the energetics of appropriation.

Being in business means extending your energy out into the world. Once it is out there, you have more control than you might think over what happens to it.

The extension of energy is actually an invitation. It is an opportunity to experience transformation. To fully receive that invitation, you need to be holding the energy you are extending. Holding energy is definitely something you have to develop the muscle for. It can be hard to hold at first which often leads to energy leaks. When you have an energy leak, that is when you will find people spouting your own ideas back at you. If this has happened to you, you will know how utterly gutting this is. If this is happening to you now, then your priority is working to hold the energy consistently so that the transformation can be felt but there is no scope for energetic appropriation.

Appropriation can also happen when you are totally in your energy but for a different reason. When your energy is really palpable, so much so that the transformation you are inviting is buzzing, then other people will try to borrow your power by borrowing your ideas.

You know when this is happening because you will see a poorly created version of your work that just feels hollow. Ideas make sense in an energetic context, so when they try to access the energy through the idea they get stuck. If you have ever tried to explain a concept that flies in the face of how you think or work, you will have experienced this yourself. You really have to feel something to share it effectively.

As frustrating as this is, it can only ever be short term. Misappropriation of ideas in this way is not sustainable for the appropriators because it fries circuitry and makes a total mess of their energy fields, not to mention distorting the energy of their business. Practising some deep breathing may be all that is needed to ride this one out.

If this is a theme that has been affecting you - a little or a lot - you can start to deal with it through reflection.

Here are 4 questions to get you started:

How are you extending your energy?
Are you clear on the transformation you are inviting?
Are you able to hold the energy?
Are there any leaks?

Holding and extending energy are key themes in my mentoring. I truly believe that they are critical business skills of the future and that learning them now will set you up to lead and inspire those who cannot yet see what you can.

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