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The Power of Subtlety

Subtlety is massively under-rated.

Our world is driven by the scale of our endeavours.

Followers, readership, views, revenue, GDP define success. It is a world where we need to be larger than life and outdo the Jones’, where one-up-man-ship to be seen and heard above the rest is the norm, there is little room for subtlety.

And so we forget that how much we are seen and heard depends not on how loudly we shout but on the capacity people have to hear and see us.

There is power is a whisper that a shout can never match.

We each have an audience. And it isn’t the whole world.

Our audience is capable of perceiving and receiving what we put out into the world. They are attuned to it. The wait and listen for it.

Subtlety of action combined with strength of presence is all that is needed for your audience to hear you.

We don’t need to bring our businesses to the world in ALL CAPS.

Subtle energy, presence and trust are the quiet path to captivating your audience.

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