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Trusting your Intution in Business

Something that held me back for the longest time was lack of proof.

It seemed to me that the world was obsessed with knowing how many and how much would come from any investment.

In the early days, I tried to knock my work “into shape” but it felt so wrong. Putting a number on the ticket felt wholly disingenuous.

I fumbled about for a while with a half-way house mentality that left me between worlds before I realised that I had to fully step into a new way of thinking about business.

It was an immense release to admit to myself that I cannot prove that my work “works”.

Not statistically.
Not quantitatively.
But qualitatively is a wholly different matter.

Letting go of the numbers gave me the freedom to look for the “proof” through a new lens.

It was then that I witnessed growth and transformation that does not fit into any standard definition. I saw people accept a greater version of themselves and become it. I saw businesses morph from automaton to cutting edge innovation. The unfolding was always before me but I never saw it fully until I chose to remove the filter of proof.

We have managed to construct so many filters through which we view our world and our work. More often than not, these filters distort the true picture to such an extent that they divert us down the wrong paths.

Removing the filters has become an increasingly important part of my work. Clearing the impact of the Business Shadow creates a clean slate for your true business to emerge. The emergence is always the most extraordinary experience. Never predictable, always surprising, it is a delight to witness the foundation of a new paradigm come into being.

I understand why and how these filters came into place but the time has come to let them go. We really don’t need them but we really do need your fullest expression for the new dynamic to flourish.

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