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The Risks of High Ticket Pricing

There are many beliefs around pricing that don’t stack up for me.

For example:

The higher the price, the higher the value.
Credibility and consistent clients come from a high end, signature package.
Money is no object for your ideal client.
The greater the investment, the greater the outcome.

And then there’s the one that makes no sense at all:
Charge your worth.

I have had a growing sense of disquiet and discomfort around pricing concepts and structures and have wanted to change how I approach pricing in my own business.

My principles for this change are that my worth is in no way tied to how much I charge, that the value of my work is not attached to a particular price point and that my clients should have the flexibility to respond to their own needs whilst respecting the fact that money is always a consideration.

One of my biggest concerns in pricing is how prepared my clients are to do the work. I am not speaking of their motivation but I know that if they have over stretched themselves financially to invest it can backfire. Working together we need the space and freedom to explore the deep conversations; something that is incredibly hard to do when the need to make a quick return is ever present. In addition, the fear that comes with it is an almost impermeable barrier to accessing the energetics which immediately reduces the value of our work.

I have found that, in my work, high ticket can have a high cost.

Another aspect is programmes. Sometimes they are great, sometimes they offer too little flexibility. Often clients discover additional development needs midway through their programme that need to be met before they can really benefit from our work together. When they are tied into a programme, meeting these needs isn’t an option in terms of time or finance.

Of course, I need to structure my business in such a way brings the best of me to my work and values my contribution appropriately. And I need to ensure that the basic concepts and principles of Business Energetics are fully covered for my clients to benefit.

To be fair, balancing all of this has been a bit of a head scratcher.

I played around with a number of concepts and approaches before deciding to pilot flexible mentoring.

Flexible mentoring gives my clients control over the level and duration of investment they make. After exploring what they need and offering advice on what can be achieved in different timescales, they get to choose how many sessions to book and over how long. Rolling mentoring is available that can be paused at any time to facilitate meeting additional needs through other support channels.

As a solution it feels that it meets all my values and guiding principles. Of course, it will be my clients who decide if it truly works and I am totally open to a complete rethink if needed. It is my opening gambit to changing how pricing is viewed and acted upon, something that I feel is well and truly overdue.

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