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Identify your Niche

It is not your job to identify a niche.

It’s your job to get absolutely clear about what you are here to do and share that with the world.

Identifying a niche can become an un-scalable wall. The more you focus on who you are here to serve, the bigger the wall becomes.

It isn’t about niche.

It’s about energy.

Energy speaks. Energy is heard by those who are listening.

Get to know the energy at the heart of your business, how it wants to be expressed, what it wants to create, how it wants to help – this is where the real clarity resides.

Getting clear on your niche is a paper exercise that lacks meaning. You won’t feel any clearer or more inspired through this focus and it will probably open up the next agonising exercise – getting clear on your message.

This is all the wrong way round.

Put your energy into connecting deeply with your soul purpose and the details will fall into place. It will be easy to talk about what you do and when you do, it will connect with people who have been actively listening for the message you bring.

9 times out of 10, you will be surprised by who answers the call and you can bet there isn’t a chance they would match the niche you thought you had.

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