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Capacity for Online Visibility

Visibility in business is a bit of a holy grail.

You can chase it with consistency or you can choose to find what makes you shine.

There is no doubt that when you shine you are more visible to those around you.

Magnetic visibility is powerful.

And pointless if you haven’t worked on your capacity to respond to what it attracts.

The energetic and physical structures to receive are absolutely vital.
In practice, this means things like

• Making sure your email list subscription processes are working smoothly.
• Having plenty of availability for sales calls.
• A simple, easy client sign up process.
• Clear processes for creating bespoke programmes.
• Making sure you have the energy to respond to the attention you are getting.
• Working on your confidence to receive and hold sales calls.
• Having a clear, simple and manageable expansion strategy in place for your business – that could be super practical like a VA on standby, scheduling your own self-care or something less tangible such as more intensive business energy work.

Attraction is less than half the equation of a successful business. Capacity to respond takes the lion’s share. How much attention are you giving it?

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