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Online Business or Online Presence

There is a big difference between an online business and a business that works online.

It pays to be clear on which side your business comes down.

Many people assume they have an online business and put a lot of energy and resources into all the mechanics. And it pays no dividends because what they really need is an online presence to support an offline business or a business that works online.

All of my business works online. I am focused on direct interaction with my clients and community – all of whom I attract online, so I don’t consider my business to be an online business. I leverage my online presence and sell in person (even it if is virtually).

An online business will typically be selling products, courses etc to generate “passive” income and is likely to need to a strong advertising budget to draw people into a flow. It operates at scale normally, generating revenue through volume of sales. The whole business is conducted online, it may be supported by offline activities such as strategic partnership development or affiliate relationships but the sales come online.

Most conscious entrepreneurs are not running online businesses. They are conducting business online. Their businesses are about experience, interaction and they go deep, not wide. Depth of relationship is very, very hard to achieve at scale.

If you can wrap your head around this difference, you will see where you are probably wasting time, energy and money on activities that are not supporting your business development.

More importantly, you will also see the beliefs that you have adopted about what you “should” be doing that simply do not apply. It may mean you can ditch that opt in or breathe a sigh of relief and put that challenge or video series or any number of other online tactics on the back burner; allowing you to focus on activities that will actually move you forward rather than hold you in place.

If you aren’t sure which side your business needs to come down on, ask yourself this question. “Is my business about personal interaction or remote problem solving?” If it’s the former, you are operating online. If it’s the latter you are almost certainly running an online business.

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