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Reclaiming Stories and the Freedom of Choice

Humans are transported to another world deep within them through the power of story. Every good story is a tale of transformation.

It speaks of the depths where we find the resourcefulness to triumph over the trials that face us.

Fables, myths and stories are part of our understanding of life and how we interpret our place in this world. They have inspired and challenged the human race for millennia.

They speak to the deepest part of ourselves that is rarely given the freedom to be. They speak to who we are, transporting us beyond who we are being.

Stories are powerful.

They tell us that change is ours if we choose it.

It is unsurprising that stories are the core of marketing. It is also unsurprising that they are used and often abused to motivate potential consumers to become consumers. Marketing stories have become the promise of changing all that we think is wrong and creating a utopian existence in the blink of an eye. These stories feed the insecurities of the unsuspecting. They are used to manipulate.

Because this is what we have learnt is the way to get ahead.

Because this is what we see and experience every single day.

From the gleaming white smiles of instant gratification to the stories of rags to riches – the power of story is thrust in our faces every day. And each of those stories is edited to share only the glossy highlights that deprive us of real meaning.

They miss the essence of a true story that is the gritty, often traumatic, journey through it.

Transformation is a journey, not a destination. It isn’t all pretty.

And it can’t be because it is coming face to face with every aspect of ourselves that we have run from. It is learning to accept these parts of us so that we come out the other side of the trials and triumphs transformed by our own courage to finally confront that which would otherwise not heed.

It is not instant. We cannot miss the steps because then we miss the point and we fail to transform.

Marketing has been used to feed expectations that results can and should be instant. Marketing has glossed over the essential experience of being human which is to learn, create and evolve.

Mistakes will be made.

Lessons will be learnt.

We are ALL human.

It’s not that what we yearn for has to come the hard way but that we must become the person who is ready for our dreams.

Good stories are the thread that weaves us all together. Stories are the essence of the human experience.

They will always be core to marketing because they are how we connect across great divides.

But they should be honest about what it takes.

They shouldn’t ignore what it means to be human.

They should inspire us to find our deepest reserves of courage, strength and determination and become who we are here to be.

Stories should celebrate what it means to be human rather than tell us how we can run from what we are.

This way lays the restoration of our conscious choice and our remembrance of our true self.

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