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Create to Thrive

No one begins a business to be its beck and call day in, day out.

No one sets out to create a business that demands their constant attention and presence to stay alive.

Yet that is what most create.

They create services to bring in the essential income, they deliver the services and then have to create more just to balance the books. Most find themselves on the hamster wheel of creating, delivering and creating again just to survive. A merry-go-round of offer after offer, programme after programme that, imperceptibly at first, drains their spirit.

And over time their heart moves somewhere else. Over time they grow out of what they are doing and yearn to do more and be more. But there is no space, no opportunity, no capacity to see what that could be. They are trapped by the business that was meant to set them free.

The agonising choice becomes to continue or to stop and take the unavoidable financial hit.

Some continue.
Until they burn out.
Some stop.
And burn down their business.

It is the only way to make the space to create what is needed.

We are taught to create on a linear path and that the growth of our businesses should be in a straight line upwards.

But life isn’t linear. It is cyclical.

We have to re-learn the art of creating cyclically. We have to remember that we rise and fall, we expand and contract, we grow out and we grow in – just like all nature.

Business is nature too and it has a natural cycle.

There are distinct phases of energy that we all experience and our businesses experience them too.

A business that is designed around natural energetic rhythm already has the space built in to allow you to create to thrive, not just survive.

It nurtures your business and it nurtures you.

It only takes believing in a more natural way to bring the magic into play.

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