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Designing Change - Creating a Journey of Transformative Growth

Conscious business is centred upon creating change.

Supporting someone to change the way they think or act is a process of evolution.

Change is a series of shifts and movements that are experienced in a fairly predictable order.

Change is a journey.

In conscious business this cannot be accidental, it must be designed. Creating a journey of change explores the key experiences and micro-shifts that need to happen for the transformation to be realised. It is a critical piece of the business puzzle.

When we think about our businesses, we often focus exclusively on how we help and serve others.

But often the biggest change is within us. Creating and growing a business is one of the most powerful, transformative journeys that anyone can go on.

Every step of the way challenges you to flex, adapt and grow so that you can take the next step and the next and the next. In the world of conscious business, starting your own business is the first step to becoming a whole new level of you.

Creating and growing a business is a powerful and transformative experience

Your growth is part of the journey you create for the people you serve. Supporting yourself adequately to embark and stay on the journey is absolutely critical to your own wellbeing, the health of your business and the impact you will make through your work.

Without you there is no business. Without your growth there is no business growth.

In all business design, your growth is the first consideration.

Energetic Roots

At the core of your business is a vision of change. It has a unique energy to it.

Your vision is the root system that supports everything you create. Understanding its energy unlocks the clarity about how you will create through your business and how you will express that transformation through words and actions.

Moving towards your vision takes you and your business on a journey. There will be key stages of growth and change that you need to lead it through so that the vision is incrementally brought to life.

Your audience, the people you serve, are also in need of transformation. They need to move from one state of being to another and you have the expertise and energy to make that happen for and with them.

As for you and your business, that change is a series of steps.

You know what those steps are. You can see their whole journey because you are the expert.

You know how interacting, collaborating, working with you will change their trajectory. You may need to work with them for a long time or a short time, but either way what you offer has the power to transform IF the journey of change is designed to make it happen.

Knowing the key stages of change, the essential steps that allow for incremental growth, is your magic key to the services and support you can offer that will have the maximum positive impact.


Conscious business is rarely about change for one person. It is about the ripple effects of change that come from changing the world of one person.

Conscious business is about the ripple effects of change that come from changing the world of one person.

Every person you guide on a journey of transformation shifts the energy for everyone. Simple changes in behaviour and thought ripple out and encourage more change in the people around them. And so it expands, exponentially. This is how we change the world, one person at a time.

What you are doing.
Your business.
It matters.

Envisioning and Creating

Taking this insight and turning it into practical business actions is made possible through conscious business design.

Business design creates the structures that hold the energy of your vision and the inherent transformation of that vision.

The starting point is to get very clear on the overall change that you are creating and then the essential incremental changes that are necessary to move seamlessly from point A to point B.

Business design creates the structures that hold the energy of your vision

Too often business are created around a series of disconnected ideas, content and services. This stops clients from progressing and achieving real change in their lives, which halts the growth of your business in its tracks. 

Every part of your business needs to be consciously designed to be contributing to the overall change you are creating and each activity needs to be fulfilling a role in catalysing the incremental steps that are needed. For you, for your business itself and for your audience.

Weaving the parts of the business together in this way will highlight exactly where you have gaps and where you are holding your business in stasis. It will show you where and how you need to adapt your services to allow your clients to move forward in their transformation too.

Designing Services to Catalyse Change

Framing each individual service you offer within the context of an overall journey provides you with a much greater depth of insight into the change that is needed and the ways you can facilitate it.

Each step of the journey requires a different perspective and readiness to engage in change. Knowing the whole journey gives you the ability to prepare the ground and make the transition faster and smoother. You know what your potential clients are thinking and feeling at each step of the way so you raise their awareness of how they can take the next step and offer them the opportunity to take it. In other words, your clients get quicker results and your business grows faster.

Each step of the journey requires a different perspective and readiness to engage in change

This level of clarity also means you can sharply focus the messages you share to connect deeply with your future clients. Typically, your message will get deeper and more complex the further you travel along the path with a client because they are constantly evolving their appreciation of their situation and the potential to create further change. Many conscious entrepreneurs deliver their services within a highly complex field that entry-level clients are simply not equipped to process. Cascading the complexity of messaging allows people to follow the path you create for them with ease.

A valuable exercise you can do, and I get all my clients to do this, is to look at the journey your potential clients will take both with you and without you. It will bring into sharp relief the exact impact you have and where you have the potential to respond more deeply to the needs of your audience.

It is crystal clear that entrepreneurs massively underestimate the value and impact of their work

The typical response for my clients is surprise at the depth and breadth of their impact. This does not surprise me. Over and over, it is crystal clear that entrepreneurs massively underestimate the value and impact of their work. Appreciating your impact is an essential part of the puzzle to realising the full potential of your business. The simple value of exercises like this cannot be understated.

One of the many reasons I work with the energy of businesses is simply that by connecting to the energy of your creation, you become exposed to a frequency and resonance that cannot be ignored. It gives you focus and direction but most importantly it supports you to move beyond your own perceived limitations and appreciate the full qualities you are offering others. It’s a fast track to accepting the scale of transformation you are capable of bringing to life.

Personal Evolution

With the full journey laid out in front of you, the question inevitably arises “who do I need to become to make this happen?”

In tandem with the changes your clients are experiencing and the changes your business is experiencing, you will be evolving. Clarity on how you need to evolve will empower you to hold this growth and direct your energy.

It will give you insight into where you are holding back or where you lack confidence. And with insight comes the ability to take action to remove the obstacles or barriers that will prevent this evolution.

Who do I need to become?

There is no denying that this requires some brutal self-honesty. Not only for your perceived flaws but, perhaps more importantly, for your strengths. We are all pretty skilled at beating ourselves up but appreciating our qualities and celebrating them comes much harder.

Knowing the journey will show you how those qualities will help you move through the various shifts in gear as your business begins to create more impact and how you will need to adapt to maintain your leadership. The journey also shows you where and when your business model needs to adapt and the skills you will need to have in place in order to transition smoothly.

Spending time now on envisioning this path of change, preparing for the changes your business will need, preparing for your own growth means you will move through those transitions so much more smoothly. The need to call a halt to business when you reach these stages, so you can bring what you do back into alignment is going to disappear

You can invest a small amount of time right now preparing the ground. You will only actually do that if you can truly appreciate value of this effort to your future growth. Otherwise, you will put it off, again and again, leading inevitably to stalled growth or a total hiatus of activity and income when you reach the next transition point.
Transformation requires vision, planning and implementation. It is design in action. The transformation you are creating is a journey.

Where does yours begin?

A Side Note – It is Always Bigger

Appreciating the scale of your impact is a pivotal point in your entrepreneurial journey. Scale does not equate to the size of your operation, it is a reflection of the collective transformation you are catalysing.

This transformation, that only you can deliver, is always, always bigger than you think it is. I have yet to connect anyone to the energies within their business who is not surprised by the expansive qualities.

The bottom line is that the energy of what you are bringing does not operate in the same realms as we do on a day to day basis. What we are creating is contributing to transformation at a level that is way beyond our purely physical perceptive capacity. In unlocking our ability to sense the energy, we open up our ability to perceive in a whole new way and see ourselves as real forces of positive change. You only need to let yourself go there to begin to experience this power.

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