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If you are going to make this business of yours work,

there are 3 stages you are going to have to actively support yourself through.

A successful business is an unfolding.

Stage 1- I can

Deal with the nagging self-doubt, the negative self-talk, the ego interference, the talking yourself off the ledge and tell yourself you can fly. There is no reason why not. You can do this.

Stage 2- I am

Accept that you are skilled, competent, knowledgeable and unique. Know that you have a gift and that you are here to use it. This is who you are.

Stage 3 - I will

Make the commitment and decision to use it. Show up and take action. Have no fear of failure and no fear of success. You will make this happen.

Only then will you allow yourself the clarity to move forward with assurance and take the stage.

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