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Intentional Design

Impact is intentional.

Change is intentional. Transformation is intentional.

This is the purpose of business.

Your business needs to facilitate this impact, change and transformation.

Your business is an agent of change and you are the leader of change.

You are creating what your soul is calling you to create and that is always, without exception, the creation of change.

Creating change requires intentional, conscious design to catalyse the movement from one state to another.

The Big Picture

Design is incredibly difficult without vision.

Nuts and bolts are the tools of engineering. Before engineering comes design. Before design comes the vision.

It is so much easier to focus on the nuts and bolts because there is a sense of control when we have the pieces in front of us. That control is an illusion though.

In search of the magic solution, we endlessly reorganise the bits trying to make them work and as we do, we travel further and further away from the real solution.

You need to step back.

Conscious change won’t happen until you do.

Seeing the Whole

Your business is not the sum of its parts.

It is an energetic whole and every part of it is contributing to the whole but they do not define it, it defines the parts.

This article, for example, is whole within itself and it is a part of the whole of my business. It complements other activities and resources because it has been strategically designed to fulfil a particular role for the purpose of my business.It has been intentionally created to support the bigger picture and transformation I am offering through my business.

Too often and in too many ways, we zone in on the detail and the infrastructure without reference to why and how we are creating. We end up focussing on our lead generator or the technicalities of our membership site rather than the role they serve in creating change.

Impact is the basic tenet of intentional design.

Energetic Signatures

How does intentional design facilitate transformation?

Your business is energy. Pure and simple.

The energy is an expression of purpose. This energy holds a frequency that needs a specific business model. Put the energy together with the right business model and you create an energetic signature that is utterly unique and incredibly powerful.

This signature then calls in service design that supports transformation as a dynamic force. It does this because the design amplifies the energy of your vision.

My clients often find that what they thought they should be creating is far removed from what they are called to create. An online course morphs into a face to face workshop, a one to one coaching programme to a retreat, a membership site into a mastermind...

Often the energy signature will need services that logically we might dismiss. When we move past the logical barriers, we can see that this is the optimum design for our business. Breaking the rules is part and parcel of intentional design.

When you feel the energy, you can ask “how is this energy of transformation best experienced?” It may call for an intimate setting or an instructional video. You won’t know until you ask the question.

The energy also informs the rhythm of delivery through the pace and intonation. It may need to move quickly, slowly or variably.

These are decisions that typically we make logically. And when it doesn’t work, we don’t know why. When we make these decisions energetically, it smooths the path dramatically, especially around the reception of your wisdom.

Business design has a huge impact on the ability of your participants to receive the knowledge, skills and insight you are sharing. The energy moves into a state of alchemy with where your potential clients are at influencing the nuances of your design.

As your potential clients evolve, they go through specific states of change and at each stage the alchemy of energies is different. This in itself is a guide to what is needed, when and how.

Static solutions do not work for people. People are dynamic. If your business is not responding to these changes of state then your business is stuck. This is why so many businesses plateau and lose their magic – their model is fixed whilst the energy is fluid.

Transitions and Plateaux

Energetic and practical plateaux happen because business design is not matched to energetic shifts. These shifts can be anticipated from day one, your business can be designed to accommodate and transition through growth from the very beginning. It makes it all so much easier.

I watch so many businesses go through this start/stop/start cycle where they grow, plateau and completely rebuild their businesses or burn it to the ground because the very design of their business cannot respond to change.

This pattern is not necessary or desirable. Change can be anticipated. I always say to spend 80% of your time on your business of now and 20% preparing for your business of tomorrow. This becomes possible if the foundations of your businesses are built on its energy and your vision.

You will know what you are moving from and what you are moving to, you will have designed for the transitions and bypassed the plateaux.

Peak Energy

Given that the lines between us and our businesses become so feint, it is perhaps hard to reconcile with the extent to which we do not account for our own needs in our business design.

Keeping your energy at peak levels and making sure you are bringing the best of you to your business is not something you can wing. It is not luck or destiny. It is intentional design.

I cannot tell you how many times I've had conversations with people who are hard wiring their own burnout into the structure of their business.

Without you your business isn’t going anywhere. And if you aren’t in a position to give your best to your business, it won’t reach its potential.

There are some very practical aspects of intentional design that relate to you as the leader of your business.

  • What do you want to learn from your business?
  • How many clients do you want at any one time?
  • How will you support them?
  • How much time do you need to develop your business?
  • How much time do you need to recharge?
  • What lights you up and gives you energy?

If we don’t account for these aspects, we are creating a crisis down the line.

Energy vs Logic

Working with the energy of your business to intentionally design a model that responds to the energy turns pretty much all of what you know on its head. It catalyses an unlearning of what should or must be done and replaces it with an understanding of what your business, as a completely unique energetic entity, needs to succeed.

Business as we know it is head led. Our perceptions and filters block our connection to the energy. Those periods of deep frustration that things aren’t going your way? They happen because your head is blocking your response to the energy.

I work with the energy frequencies of business because they introduce us to the pure sense of the energy. Those frequencies show us what we need to clear out of the way to really and truly create energetically. When you jump beyond your filters, you can deconstruct your perceptions.

I get to witness this deconstruction with myself and my clients every day. There is one thing that is always true. The energy of your business is seeking to create a transformation that is way beyond what you can see or allow yourself to perceive. Responding to this cannot be done logically, it can only be done intuitively.
Intentional Design has no rules. There are no expectations. There is only free, creative expression.

Creative expression is the fire, the spark of life that will bring your business into its true form.

When our business is a mass of individual pieces, we cannot hold the whole. Overwhelm and burn out become part and parcel of life. Intentional Design gives us the whole and lets us hold our business.

When you can hold your business, you can change the world.

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