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Creative Expression

Creative expression is a pivotal and indispensable aspect of business.

Typically we think of expression as being the words that we use, but it is a much broader concept.

The words, choices, actions that we take in order to share who we are is the act of expression. When we do it with soul, it is inherently creative.

Creativity is the act of interpreting intuition, energy and soul and extending this beyond the confines of our own being. Creativity is bringing our desires into form.

When we are creative we are bringing our essence forward into the world to mingle with the world and play and explore and learn and interact in our own unique way.

Creative expression is essential for your business.

Creative expression is giving you a way to engage with the world that no one else can replicate, it is giving you a way to grow your business and design your business without reference to anyone or anything but your own inner wisdom.

Creative expression in business is the way that we talk and how we connect and interact with people.

It is the way that we design our business to bring out our greatest strengths to connect with people in the deepest possible way that brings about the greatest possible transformation.

Blueprints do not work

There are more experts out there selling guaranteed blueprints for success than you could ever wave a whole armful of sticks at.

It’s tempting. Guaranteed success is enticing. But if life were guaranteed we would hardly be where we are now as a global society.

The quest for assurance and certainties leads us into dangerous waters because it takes us away from our own inner guidance.

And energetically, when we seek guidance outside of ourselves we disempower our creative potential to rise to the challenge and become more.

In business, when we seek to grow our business using someone else’s energy – for this is what blueprints, systems, checklists, 10 step programmes are – you are denying your own energy its expression.

Your business is unique. A one of a kind creation. Unless you work with the energy of this creation consciously, constructively and collaboratively, a blueprint simply masks the true essence of your business. In turn, the true potential for growth is stifled.

Finding your own way

The impetus for all expression is energy.

Energy is not purely mechanical. It is desire led.

We put our energy into what excites, motivates and inspires us. What brings us joy is our soul work.

This energy is the foundation of your creative expression. It comes from within. It is not intellectually driven, it is energetically driven. It is soul created.

Your business is a unique energy. Its expression is an alchemical blend of the energy of your soul purpose and the energy of transformation that is intrinsically woven into the concept of your business.

Every business is absolutely impossible to replicate because of this alchemy. Which means that no blueprint can ever adequately support the growth of your business.

You have to find your own way.

Feeling the Energy

The first thing I do with all my clients is facilitate the activation of the energy of their business.

Once you have felt it, you cannot unfeel it.

This energy is always, always more than you think it is. You feel this energy and sense it. It brings a frequency that speaks of way more than you allow yourself to believe.

Once you have felt it, you cannot unfeel it. It becomes an anchor for growth on every level.

To begin to sense this energy, you simply need to sit quietly, be open to its presence and ask it to come to you.

This energy is a powerful guide throughout your business and it supports your creative expression in a number of ways.

Your Creative Voice

Your voice is the pathway from soul to sound. It is the connection of your inner world to your outer connection to others.

The words that we choose to use to express this inner world to the outer world carry resonance and energy. Sensing the energy of the words is innate but not often consciously acted upon in life and business.

Ask yourself:

What words resonate the frequency of the energy of your business?
How does the energy feel in word form?
What words catalyse this energy in you?
What words and phrases activate this energy in others?

These words become your energetic anchors as you speak your business through your presence.

Your Message as a Journey

Your voice is your tool to share your message.

Your message is more than a set of words. It is a journey that transports your audience to a different place and a different state of being.

Your message is the story of that journey.

The Journey of Transformation.

Expressing the energy as a story that moves people from one place to another is the story of transformation.

How does your message story begin, how does it develop, where does it end?

Does this journey hold and reflect the energy of your business?
Does it express the energy in a way that engages and captivates?
Does it speak of the transformation and magic that is possible?

Every piece of content, every programme, every event within your business has its own story. If the energy that underpins the expression is consistent, the experience of all will be coherent. This is the secret of effective branding.

Designing with Energy

The energy also has a role in the design of your business. The way that you model your activities, the services you create, how you offer them are all influenced by the energy.

The energy impacts the rhythm and tempo, the style, the format and the experience of your business activities.

Design is creative expression. Mostly design is achieved logically but this restricts the true potential for creating impact and change within the people who benefit from your business (including you).

Many clients come to me with one idea about how their business should be structured but once they feel the energy, they understand that this isn’t what is truly needed to help them create what they need to create.

The energy will let you sense whether your focus is one to one work or group work or books or talks or... if you are open to hearing it.

If you have sensed the energy, it will be communicating with you. You can ask it a direct question about your plans but you need to be open to the response in whatever way it chooses to come to you.

The chances of getting a bullet list of actions to take are slim! You will need to learn to translate the energy into thought and then into action. This is the cornerstone of my client work – building that connection to empower translation. Every client does this differently. Every client learns to trust their intuitive interpretation of the energy. One step at a time.

Activating your Creative Expression

The impetus for all creative expression is energy.

In business, we need to learn how to connect with and express this energy. Every business, YOUR business, is unique. It has a unique purpose and place within the grand scheme of life. It is creating a change that it is uniquely placed to create for a group of people who need that change to become what they need to become in the grand scheme.

We are all connected and we all need to be true to our inner wisdom to bring much-needed change.

This is the foundation of intuitive soul leadership. It all begins with energy.

Discover how you can expand into your soul leadership.

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