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Reclaim your Business anchoring the energetic signature by Polly Hearsey

Business is made up of hundreds of moving parts.

Parts that YOU need to orchestrate, operate and control.

Your to do list is as long as your arm, you have 15 different apps doing different jobs in your business, clients on different programmes, funnels, email lists, ads, conferences...

It’s hardly surprising that overwhelm is pretty much the number one stress problem.

Streamlining and simplicity seem like the solution.

But you can simplify as much as you like and it won’t help until all those parts are taking their place in delivering the energetic frequency of your business. Until you have the oversight and clarity to work with this frequency, overwhelm will still run the show.

You will still be run by your business.

We overcomplicate. That’s what we do. We work on the pieces more than we work on the whole. The more pieces we accumulate, the more accomplished we can feel and the more overwhelmed we get.

Streamlining can only work when you understand the energetic flow and rhythm of your business. Feeling the energy coursing through your business is how you can clear out what isn’t working and focus on what is. Working with the energetic signature of your business is the freedom to create and simplify. It is the clarity and oversight you need to take control and become the leader of your business.

Claim your opportunity to see, feel and hold the whole of your business from a place of calm and centred energy. Reclaim your business here

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