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Visibility and Sales

We aren’t comfortable being seen.
We aren’t comfortable selling our wares.

The two issues that come up over and over, especially for women entrepreneurs.

There are a stack of mindset issues we need to deal with to get to a place where business can be fun rather than torture. There is a lot of rewiring to be done.

But these are largely personal issues. In business, there is an aspect of visibility and sales that isn’t talked about. I believe it is one of the most pivotal aspects of business.

Unlocking the courage to be seen, be heard and offer people your services is a truly uphill battle if you are missing clarity on your purpose.

If you know your purpose in life, you know why you are doing what you are doing. In business this goes beyond basic human needs, this is about collective contribution. If you know your purpose and mission to contribute to collective wellbeing then you already know that being visible is essential.

If you truly believe you have what it takes to put that mission into action then you already know that offering people a next step is necessary.

You know that to resource your mission you need to resource yourself. To resource yourself you need to sell.

And if you understand how you are translating your mission through your business, then you have the belief and commitment to speak what is in your heart and offer people the opportunity to participate.

The visibility and selling mindset issues that plague entrepreneurs are a symptom of a much deeper issue – a disconnect from purpose and drive.

 To resource your mission you need to resource yourself. To resource yourself you need to sell.

Allowing yourself space and time to deeply connect with your purpose and exploring how this is translated into business is how you overcome these blocks.

It all begins with you.

Business is about people and that includes you

The courage to be seen and heard and the courage to invite others to join you is nurtured in a deep connection to self and purpose. It brings a huge amount of energy into the equation. It empowers you to stand behind your beliefs and values and speak them into being. It empowers you to boldly invite your people to join you.

Confidence and self-belief are born of self-acceptance. Our personal connection to why we are here and how we are coming into the world is where we find clarity and courage to step into the spotlight. Beyond this, it is where we find our joy in business and our enthusiasm to get visible and get selling.

Today, ask yourself these questions:

Do I know why I'm here?
Do I believe in my mission?
Do I understand how to translate that in my business?

When you can answer yes to all three, you will have opened the path to excitement and joy in your business.

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