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Finding and living your purpose as an entrepreneur

Finding and Living your Purpose as an Entrepreneur

What is my purpose in life?
What am I here to do?
What should my business do?

These are all weighty questions that consume a lot of emotional and intellectual energy for entrepreneurs.

Creating a business on purpose and of purpose, a business that brings you joy, simply will not happen without an all-important step.

Connecting to yourself. Deeply. Honestly. Without judgement.

Your business is an expression of your purpose, it is an expression of you. Until you connect deeply into yourself, your business will lack the depth of creative expression it needs to truly thrive. And you will remain confused and lacking in clarity, direction and focus.

Your business is not your purpose on its own. It is one of the ways that you bring your purpose to the world. How we act as a friend, as a partner, as a parent, with colleagues ... is how we live our purpose too. Our life is an expression of our purpose in action. Our business is how we get to amplify our purpose because we get to impact more people, more obviously.

But without that deep clarity and connection to self, there is always hesitation and confusion about your focus. You need to know what is yours to create otherwise you will be pulled every which way but forward. Coming back to your self is where the seed of clarity is planted.

Your energy is the beginning

That moment when you decided to begin your own business was more than a milestone in your life. It was a moment of pure creation.

In that moment you had a flash of inspiration that birthed the pure energy of your business.

You created an energetic signature that is there to guide you in translating energy into action. Unfortunately, what typically happens is that our logic kicks in and our connection to that pure energy evaporates in a puff of smoke. The practical necessities and to-do lists take over and we descend into a world far removed from the energy we created. Concerns about business models, budgets, marketing and more take over our focus and drive us to seek the answers outside of ourselves.

We begin to research the correct way to do business. We begin to doubt ourselves. We seek expert guidance (that merely confuses us further). We put in place all the pieces that everyone else has because, well, it works for them. We get another qualification or modality under our belt to make us feel more competent and prepared. We spend a fortune on infrastructure and systems that we “need” but don’t use. We exhaust ourselves creating what is essential but does not feel right.

We ignore the nudges and clues to get back to where we started because that means trusting ourselves above all else and, frankly, the dive into entrepreneurial waters has shattered your confidence in your own skills.

In short, we disconnect from the soul of our business.
We disconnect from our purpose.
We lose ourselves.
We lose our way.

This slide is not inevitable

Retaining a conscious connection to the power of your business – YOU – is the foundation of growth and success. A foundation uncluttered by the expectations or requirements of the norms. A foundation with permission to be you.

Your business is an expression of you. It is connected to you, an extension of you. It is an energy you created. Distinct and unique it is an energy that cannot be replicated.

In order to understand that energy, come back to yourself and really tap into the flow of your purpose as it forms a vision for your business. Your life has prepared you to create a business; experiences, skills, relationships, interests have all contributed to the right environment for you to create your business. As you move through the stages of growth in your business, the experiences continue to prepare you for what is to come next.

An objective look at these life experiences and some radical self-appreciation will show you what your purpose and direction is. Generally, we resist looking too closely at our own lives in this way. Lack of inquiry means we don’t connect the dots and this is why so many entrepreneurs feel massive overwhelm in the early stages and at growth points. It’s such a simple fix and is the starting point for all my clients because it brings serious clarity and release.

Self-appreciation will bring you to a place where you can see the common thread and understand what is yours to create and deliver. It will expand your concept of what your business could become because of the richness of your life experiences.

I can guarantee that when you've connected the dots you will see the consistency in your perspective, responses, interests and relationships that will guide you to clarity and focus.

Everything starts to come into a sharp relief. This is the foundation for actually allowing yourself to flow into your business and the vision begins to build.

You begin to see that you are creating what no one else can. As life has shaped you, it has shaped what you can create. Your business cannot be anything other than unique.

From Vision to Energy

Every entrepreneur has doubtless heard the statement that people buy with their emotions and that their logical/rational mind is simply a back up for an emotionally driven sale.

Actually, people buy with instinct, then emotions, then logic.

People respond to the energy and their reaction to the energy creates the emotion which becomes translated into a rational argument.

You are energy.

So is your business.

Your energy flows into your business but your business is its own energetic entity. As your energy mixes with the energy of your business, it creates an energetic signature that defines who will respond to your offers, services and products.

The energetic signature is the first thing that potential clients are aware of. Before they read a word, they will feel the energy.

Most entrepreneurs work with the energy of their business on an unconscious level which leads to inconsistent performance and results. A conscious partnership with this energy opens up a whole new level of creativity and innovation to support consistent, sustainable business growth.

A conscious partnership with this energy can only be nurtured and sustained if you have done the work on yourself first. Working on our awareness of our own purpose and energetic frequency creates the resilience and integrity to walk the path we need to walk.

Explore your essence, find your purpose, expand into a vision, connect to the energy of your business this is the path of Business Energetics that gives clarity and empowers us to make choices that amplify our path of growth.

The greatest gift you can give yourself (and your business) is to give yourself permission to explore your essence and distil your purpose. From this will come both confidence and clarity on what you are creating and how you are bringing it to your audience. Your platform for growth will be in place.

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