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Innovating for Impact

Right now, we desperately need a new approach to business.

We cannot continue on the road we have been on.

The models and approaches that have become part of our culturally accepted norms are deeply disconnected from our true nature.

Energetics are an opportunity to take a different approach to business, one that departs from the conventional model and opens up a more balanced, connected dynamic within business.

To understand why energetics are valuable, it is important to understand where the way that we traditionally run business comes from. Most of the business models and systems are really stripped down versions of big corporate structures. Whilst there is a lot to learn and digest from big business, the reality is that this simply does not translate well to smaller scale businesses, especially those that are consciously seeking to create change in the world.

Conscious and spiritual entrepreneurs really struggle with the expectations and requirements of conventional approaches. The primary ethos is financial growth as the benchmark of success. The models and structures are designed to achieve this first and foremost. Conscious entrepreneurs have a different benchmark, their primary driver is positive impact.

At the same time, the collective consciousness is shifting. We are moving into greater awareness of our global interconnections and collective challenges. But the business models and the structures and marketing we have to work with, haven’t changed to match this, which is leading to a lot of friction and discomfort for conscious entrepreneurs who feel trapped within the mainstream approaches. Fundamentally they are trying to work with an energy that is completely mismatched to the energy of their business.

Traditionally we have been required to think our businesses into being with logical and linear processes. But this is not how we work as human beings.

And if you are on a conscious path and aware of a greater purpose of collective impact for your life, this disconnect is felt even more deeply. You know you cannot think yourself into being and the same is true for your business.

It has become imperative to redefine how we function within our business to open up ways to feel them into being.

These are the reasons why most conscious and spiritual entrepreneurs are struggling on some level.

Bringing forward a new approach has become critical for our individual and collective growth.

Business Energetics have come into being through my journey to create a different way of doing and being in business.

I knew that there was something more available to us. And I also knew finding it would require me to deconstruct our conventions.

Business Energetics turn what we know upside down and reconnect us to what we feel and support us in translating this into clear thoughts, words and actions.

What are Energetics?

Energetics are fundamentally physics at work.

Everything is energy.

Energy is how we live our lives. The way that we structure our day, the way that we interact with people, the way we prepare our food - there's energy to everything.

And then, when we get to our businesses, we're expected to be head led and 100% logical.

This cuts us off from the magic of our business.

Your business is energy too.

When we conceive of a business idea, we give it an energetic signature. We create that energetic signature through our intention and thought.

And then we put it to one side and don't work with it, which leads to the majority of inspired ideas and innovative concepts stalling and going nowhere.

It’s so simple to change this and open up a new dynamic that maintains this energy.

Energetics are a practical tool to express the energy of your business on every level

Every action you take, every service you bring forward, every product you create has its own energetic signature.

There is the core energy of your business, the core energy of your vision, the core energy of the products and services you create, the core energy of the journey created through your business to name a few.

The journey of your business is one of the areas where this energetic overlay is most visible.

Business is a form of growth and development for you. Your business itself has its own journey that it needs to get to from where you are now to where it needs to get to; to deliver the impact that it wants to deliver

The people who join you on that journey - your audience your clients your colleagues - they also have a journey and there's an energetic signature to that journey.

All these journeys are interwoven and distinct.

Which sounds immensely complicated when we approach it within the mind set of conventional business. When we sense and feel it, nothing could be simpler.

This is radically different to the norm.

I freely accept that it takes a leap of faith in yourself to shift into this approach. We are so culturally entrenched in the conventions, the promises, the blueprints it's very difficult to fly in the face of that.

It’s also hard to accept that the instant results, so widely promised and touted, are an illusion.

Energetics create sustainable results for long term growth and impact rooted in a deep sense of purpose and passion. It is not an instant fix, but it is an instant shift into a way of being in business that feels good.

Energetics create sustainable growth on solid foundations

The transformation itself comes in stages.

When we think about the vision of what we want to create through our lives we know there is a journey from where we are to where we want to be.

We have to become who we need to be to make that change happen. It is in the journey that we get the growth.

And so it is for our businesses. It is in the journey that the business grows. And for our audience and our clients, it's in the journey that they grow. There are clear phases of growth.

The first phase is building the foundations.

This is the phase that gets skipped time and again in the rush toward instant results. And it leaves businesses flailing, desperately seeking growth in the details of their businesses. It isn’t to be found there.

The foundations are laid when you connect to the core energy of your business.

It offers you a consistent and solid platform on which to innovate and create. The consistent energetic thread runs through everything you do and keeps your business growing and evolving in its own way.

It means no matter how much you grow or pivot that consistent golden thread allows you to navigate growth without having to reinvent the wheel, reinvent your business, reimagine everything at every turn.

Applying Energetics

One thing that I can guarantee about the energy of your business is that it is way more expansive than you would even imagine.

Every person I have connected to the energy of their business has had the same experience. It was bigger, more powerful and more vital than they could possibly have believed.

They moved out of their heads to experience the sensations of the energy running through their business and it opened up door after door for them.

Feeling the many layers of energy we are working with opens up space for you to move into new potential.

It opens up your confidence.

And your creativity.

Connecting to the energy allows us to go beyond what we think is possible

And see what is truly possible and needed to be created in order to deliver on your soul purpose.

The foundations are laid.

Unique Creation

Every business is unique. Every business has its own path to create.

This can be overwhelming and challenging to work with when we are disconnected from the energy but when we are connected, the multiple strands of energy bring clarity to options, opportunities and direction.

Every part of your business has a unique energetic signature. Your vision, your programs and services, the actions that you take, your communications and marketing, how you're being of service, the community that you're working within, your clients, the journey... How they all come together creates the unique energetic signature that defines your business.

One that cannot be replicated.


Take two yoga teachers teaching exactly the same type of yoga in the same studio, on the same days.

They are not running the same business. It won't feel the same. The experience will not be the same. The relationships will not be the same.

What we do is altered by who we are and how we do it. We have a unique perspective, interpretation and approach – we have a unique energy. Our filter, our perspective, our lens, however you want to term it, is how we see the world through our own eyes take action accordingly.

Uniqueness is inevitable. And it is the most powerful business asset we have, as long as we trust the energy and our interpretation of it.

Beginning the Journey

The Energetics Code is the structure I created to guide my clients through their own interpretation of the energetics of their business.

We connect to the many layers of energy at work and interpret their expression through business design, services, message and strategy. Restructuring our beliefs and actions in business is a process that takes time and focus.

But it can begin quite simply. Try this exercise to begin to feel the energy of your business.

Find yourself a quiet, peaceful space.

Get comfortable and take some deep breaths to relax and settle yourself. Close your eyes and ask the energy of your business to introduce itself to you.

Trust what you see and feel.

Don’t force it or try too hard.

Relax and stay gently aware of what you see, feel or think.

When you do this initially, what comes forward may be very subtle. Once you acknowledge it, you are creating the space for a more obvious presence in your awareness.

Trust what you feel in the moment. The energy wil feel different, expansive, opening. Once you've got that, when you are working in your business, you can remember what it feels like and bring this into what you are creating. If it feels like the energy, you will know if you are on the right path.

The detail of business comes from the energy. It needs to be interpreted and translated into action, words, form. The interpretation is your playground of creativity. It is where you get to break the “rules”, innovate and claim your unique path. I help my clients to find that confidence to follow the lead of the energy and tap into their inner creativity to bring their business to life.

Translating the energy into form is the ultimate liberation from the curse of the blueprint. Energy goes where it needs to. Follow the energy and you will discover new possibilities and new potential at every turn.

Energetics is the leap that many spiritual and conscious entrepreneurs are looking for. Energetics is designing your business, your communications, your marketing on what the energy is asking you to do, as opposed to what your intellect and your logic are telling you to do.

It is feeling your business into being and it opens up a new vista of possibility.

Book a call to explore what it will open up for you

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