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Inner Work

There is a gift in entrepreneurship that no one tells you about.

You will come up against your limits.

You will discover what you are made of and how strong you are.

Over and over.

You will experience this in ways that people who are not entrepreneurs will never quite be able to grasp.

In addition to creating your business, you discover that working on your self-confidence, self-esteem, self-belief and mindset become equally important to your success.

Working on your Self is working on your business.

Ditching the guilt in spending time on yourself is one of the early and big hurdles you will face.

And all of this is critically important. But it is not the real inner work of entrepreneurship.

Mindset is not the real inner work of entrepreneurship

All your mindset work will be derailed until you accept the energy of your vision and what this means for your business.

Every business is a unique energetic frequency. It is a life force of its own.

It’s a life force that you brought into being.

You need to work with it.

Cutting ourselves off

Business is generally conceived of in mechanical, one-size fits all terms.

Implement this, achieve that. Use this system to solve that problem. Use this format to get these results.

But the energy of your business doesn’t work like that. First and foremost it is the energy of the vision – a vision of change and impact.

Businesses are conceived of to create change. Change for you, change for the people you want to work with.

Businesses are creative solutions in action.

When we focus on the mechanics, we cut ourselves off from the creativity at the heart of our businesses. We stifle their potential and our own growth.
The energy of your business does not want to be controlled or contained. It wants to create. Energy needs to create.

Beginning a working dialogue and partnership with this energy, unlocking the intrinsic creativity and innovation within it, is where I begin all my client journeys. And I have yet to experience this with anyone who wasn’t amazed by the energy they met.

Expansive, joyful, fun, humungous....

This energy will challenge you to raise the bar on your own expectations of what you are really creating.

It will invite you to step into a version of yourself you didn’t know was possible.

It will inspire you to rise.

When we are nose to the grindstone, we cannot see the magnitude of our own vision. When the energy is allowed a place in your business, that magnitude will become ever-present.

Interesting things happen when we open ourselves up to this journey.

We start to see where we have been selling ourselves and our dreams short. We start to see what we have taken on that really is not ours to carry. We begin to shed the beliefs and fears that held us back from the shadows.

The beginning of a new way

Opening ourselves up to the energy is but the first step.

We are creators in every sense of the word. This energetic signature was created by us, it is part of us and separate at the same time. When the channels of communication are open, we can translate that energy into form.

Your business model
Your services
Your marketing
Your strategy

The energy has a role in the creation of every aspect of your business and it brings astonishing clarity.

Energetics are radically different from the accepted norms of entrepreneurship

The translation of energy into form does not happen by the power of our intellect. We need to feel the energy and what it wants to become.

Working with our whole being – physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual... – to discern and interpret a feeling into a practical form is a new way of creating. Or rather an old way remembered.

And it is radically different from the accepted norms of business.

It takes a whole lot of inner trust and a whole lot of outer courage to implement.

But the payoff is that it feels good. It feels right.

And it works.

The energy of your business will transform you and your business. Book a call to explore how.

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